The Best Screen-Free Winter Wellness Activities to Try at Home

exercise Jun 22, 2023

Winter is upon us and as usual, it’s making it harder for everyone to stay motivated to move. The cold weather makes it far more tempting to lie in during the morning, or to skip that jog or walk that we promised ourselves we would do. Cut yourself a bit of slack (it’s freezing, after all!) by compromising on the types of activities you engage in. There is so much that you can do from the comfort of your own home without having to stare at a screen while you do it. You’ll be able to see results relatively quickly if you keep at it, without having to brave the cold outside as regularly as usual throughout these chilly months.




Skipping is one of the best activities to do at home during the winter, as it works whether you do it indoors or outdoors. Find a skipping rope app that encourages you to do three sessions a week. You don’t have to stare at the screen while you’re doing it, of course. It’s mostly just to keep you motivated and on track to complete your sessions during the course of the week. You’ll be in a good routine before you know it, taking part in an activity that is excellent at burning calories and pumping endorphins right through your body.




Another excellent at-home wellness activity, yoga is one of the best ways to keep you feeling good during winter. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to do so: start with the sun salutation series I shared on my socials a while back. Have a look through it a few times to learn how to do it and start practising doing one of your own. Once you’ve mastered this basic pose, it’s possible to start exploring others. I always tell my students not to focus too much on getting everything 100% right when they first try yoga. Start small and build up your strength, confidence and enjoyment gradually over time.

Body Weight Training


From plank push-ups to core exercises like sit-ups, pushups, burpees, crunches and more, body weight training doesn’t require any fancy equipment at home. Start with sets of 25 of each, and build up to about five over time. Learning a short sequence before you start can be useful, and do the particular exercises that feel good to you. By doing this kind of training regularly during winter, you’ll re-emerge in Spring stronger than ever, with core strength that opens you up to a host of new activities to explore for the rest of the year.


A Program to Keep You Going


If you end up not sticking to all of these activities right through winter, remember to be kind to yourself. It’s difficult to stay motivated during a period that is an inward time for most. Coaching, classes and programs exist to make it easier to stay on the path, or at least get back on the past once you’ve strayed a little bit. Our Lifestyle Manager is perfect to help keep you going, motivated and connected to others. Sign up today if you’re up for an adventure that will transform your wellness routine in a matter of just a couple of months. Happy moving this winter!



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