Hello from Christi,

health & happiness maven, yoga fanatic & avid health coach

The aim of my game is to create yoga events, retreats, online classes, wellness programs, practical tips, tools and inspirations

to make healthy, yet happy living a suitable part of your life.

Hello Happiest. is all about you

experiencing upliftment through yoga, conscious cuisine, meditation and conversation.

In 2015, my quest for true fulfilment began with the foundation that has shaped my whole new life from within:


'Focus on what makes you feel good and keeps moving you forward.


It started as a one day tester which turned into the greatest day, then month, then year I ever had. So I just kept going.

I shifted from doing things from 'should' mentality to 'want to'. I shifted from what I 'should be eating' to experimenting with recipes that were tickling my fancy. I shifted from forcing myself to exercise, to moving in ways that brought me joy, I shifted from quick fixes to adding more things to my life that fuelled me, all the way from food to experiences. 

I decided to create a life and career that incorporates the four categories that fulfil me the most; good food, good company, beautiful places and delicious movement. 

I completed my 200HR and 300HR Advanced Teacher Training at The Wellness Connection Yoga and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Qualification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My main takeaways and the way I approach each event, each retreat, each meal and each person I meet;

we are all different and no one way of living, moving or eating works for everyone. We have to EXPLORE and FIND our way

Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday, have a getaway with friends, or start your wellness journey, a community filled with yoga - for all levels - events, retreats and tools awaits you.

Feel first, cultivate happiness now and it will lead to all the things you want after.’