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Hello from Christi,

Health & happiness maven, yoga fanatic & avid health coach

bringing Hello Happiest. to you.

Igniting your bliss through yoga events, retreats and classes, wellness programs, practical tips, tools and inspirations

to get you to look, feel & be your happiest

and live a life made up of mostly your happiest things.

Hello Happiest. is all about 

adding the things that you love into your lifestyle

& letting go of the ones you don't.


Adding in things you love to do and of course eat!


Adding in the things that make you feel best.

Finding those things that feed your unique

body and being.

I was there; burnt out, had an Accounting & Economics degree in the bag and was carrying an extra 16 kilograms to show for it.

I just was not happy & searching for this thing called happiness in all the wrong places

I comfort fed like a pro, spent 90% of my time socialising, invested all of my energy into distracting myself from my fear and my future. This went on for a good few years. I turned to others for inspiration and did what they thought would be best

As you can expect I landed up quite the distance from my own happiness

In 2015 I tried something new which changed my whole Universe...

My best friend mentioned the ten most powerful words I have ever heard;

'Focus on what makes you feel good.' Other things and people will come round.


Boom. I was inspired. And so began my journey  discovering those things that ignited my bliss.

I started trying all sorts of things and explored how each made me feel.


Framing my life in such a way that I was able to realize what made me feel good and kept me moving forward.


It started as a one day tester which turned into the greatest day, then month, then year I ever had. So I just kept going.

I ditched yo-yo dieting, ditched forcing myself to exercise, ditched looking for the next best quick fix and have since made it my mission to keep moving towards the things that make me happy.

I tried juicing, a 90/10 lifestyle,  yoga, Kayla, hiking, home cooking and the list goes on! I've been trying it all! 

Have kept the things that work for me, but most importantly, have kept the things that bring me joy. 

The two things that have brought me the most joy since; yoga and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I completed my 200HR and 300HR Advanced Teacher Training at The Wellness Connection Yoga and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Qualification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I was introduced to every kind of way of life and eating, from Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Atkins & Paleo all the way through to Raw & Vegan. And I tried it all! 


Which allowed me to discover that 

we are all different and no one way of living or eating works for everyone. We have to EXPLORE and FIND our way

When you join the Happiest. front you start to shift from the mindset, "When I get over there, I’ll be happy…”  and start to realize that it’s the other way round, 'Get happy and I’ll get over there! "

Let happiness be the main focus.

Feel first, it will lead to the things you want after.’ 

Hello Happiest

Whether you are looking to start your wellness journey or craving a bliss reboot...

a community filled with yoga - for all levels - events, retreats and tools awaits you.

You too can plug into elements such as yoga, conscious cuisine, beautiful spaces and all kinds of pampering to ignite your bliss and make happy, yet healthy, living a sustainable part of your life