Your Ideal Pathway To


How You Want To Look And Feel


It's time to get you to those health and wellness goals you've been dreaming of! 



You are so worth living your best life!


Nail down your ideal healthy habit building formula and take my easy-to-learn"Pick N' Mix" Habit Strategy to identify, plan, create, implement, and smash your goals to GET your RESULTS (and BECOME your own guru!)


Nothing beats creating sustainable habits when it comes to attaining and maintaining your ideal health and happiness.


You've tried every diet, you've joined and unjoined the gym, you've lost weight and then gained it back, and you're ready to say goodbye to your yo-yo healthy lifestyle.

You're not alone! Finding a healthy lifestyle that suits you and is sustainable can be one of the most difficult things to achieve.

But it doesn't have to stay this way!

The truth is, most programs aren't designed with your unique needs and lifestyle in mind.

I'll teach you how to make healthy and happy living last, for you.

Does this sound like you?


You can't stay in a consistently healthy routine


You're overwhelmed and confused about which diet to follow and what exercises to do, because you keep jumping on and then falling off this wellness bandwagon. And keep thinking the next trend will fix things.


You feel frustrated, you keep aiming towards your dream health goals and they keep evading you


Life happens, convenience kicks in, social gatherings sabotage you and you just can't seem to make this healthy thing stick and everything you try doesn't seem to work or last.


You could be loving yourself and your body way more and it's about time to do something about it


You neglect regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and self-care practices such as getting enough sleep and managing stress. The lack of love has you not feeling great physically but mentally as well.

I have a recipe that'll make achieving your health goals a heck of a lot easier (and more sustainable!)


Studies show that those who are given a personalised nutrition plan with personalised coaching, actually stick with their plan and maintain their resuts.



a few months from now...


  • You *actually* know what's going on in your body, what foods your body likes and what foods cause inflammation.
  • You have more energy, confidence in yourself and contentment in your daily life.
  • You've established healthy habits that have you feeling satisfied, nourished, and energised without the need for drastic dieting or changes.
  • You have designed your perfect routine   way of eating and moving that works best for you.
  • You make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle and will continue to for the rest of your life, because you KNOW what what works FOR YOU!


Your Lifestyle Manager


The wellbeing program that combines the power of body intelligence testing and precision nutrition with interactive coaching to help you master your unique recipe for looking and feeling your best. 

✔️ Weekly Coaching Calls 

✔️ Personalised Food Lists based on your test results — identifying and eliminating foods unique to your biome

✔️ Recommended Supplementation that works synergistically with your food list to address inflammation, microbial imbalances, and the functions that need support

 ✔️ 15% Discounted Intelligence Test of your preference

✔️ Resource Library with Exclusive Swipe Files — a suite of wellness essential templates to keep you going and going on track

✔️ Exclusive Community — to support, learn, grow, and connect. You will find incredible assistance, knowledge, and encouragement there



You will

Discover what's actually going on in your body

Through an easy to use Viome home Intelligence Test you will identify your imbalances  giving you precise nutrition recommendations and health product options.

Develop healthy habits that you LOVE

Rather than try to keep up with a diet or eating plan, you will use the "Pick N' Mix" Habit Strategy to identify, plan, create, implement, and adapt what doesn't work for you.

Actually attain and maintain your health results

With consistent coaching and strategy/support sessions designed to highlight what's not working, and allow you to adapt as you go, you will get to results that stick.


Precision Nutrition Meets Lifestyle  Coaching 

This Program will be tailoured to your lifestyle. You will have a weekly coaching call, followed by time to adopt and implement your new habits up until the next session.


Pinpoint Your Perfect Plan

Learn how to create and plan your IDEAL health goals. Maybe you already know exactly what you want. Or maybe you have no clue where to even start … but you dream of your ideal body that looks and feels great, and this is where you bring it into reality. This first part of the Manager will take the guesswork out of planning and reaching your goals


Movement You're Motivated By

A big part of the yo-yo lifestyle is not moving your body consistently. Not in a "let's hit the weights five times this week kind of way", but in a "let's go for a quick walk, have a good stretch, join a yoga class" kind of way. We'll movement you cannot wait do to, rather than have to drag yourself to. 


Eat Inspired

The Viome home test will give you insight into your personal biology, which foods fuel and heal you at the moment and which to avoid for now. After gaining a deeper understanding of your personal biology


Make Magic With Your Mind

Your mindset will be the most significant influence in your healthily ever after, we'll make sure you develop the optimal attitude and guru mindset to set you up for the results you've been looking for!

THE LIFESTYLE MANAGER arms you with actual biological data in your microbiome, as well as a clear and fun health building approach — to flow into your results while loving your habits!

“ Christi has enabled me to reach my goal weight and more while experiencing the journey as fun and effortless, hungry to keep going for more. She focuses on me loving my body and me feeling good and is ruthlessly compassionate. I cannot recommend her enough.

Only do this if is is true transformation you seek. "

Elle McNaughton, Coaching Client



“ In order to be a successful coach you need three things: a high level of self-awareness, great listening skills, and the patience to walk a personal path with someone.

Christi has all three. "


Conrad Schwellnus, Coaching Client

The Manager is for you if...


✔️ You are ready to break the yo-yo diet and health cycle

✔️ You are craving long-lasting and sustainable results

✔️ You want to not only look your best, but feel your best

✔️ You want to improve your relationship with food & exercise

✔️ You want to improve your relationship with yourself & your self-care

✔️ You are ready to become your own health guru

The Manager is NOT for you if...


✖️ You are not mentally ready to develop the right mindset

✖️ You are not ready to make changes to your diet and life

✖️ You're expecting results without taking action or making changes

✖️ You don’t value your health and simply want to loose weight

✖️You're not willing to heal your relationship with yourself

✖️ You are not ready to take ownership of your health and may continue to make excuses for why you don't embrace change







  • 15% Off Viome Home Test Kit
  • Viome Apple & Android App Access
  • Personalised Food Lists Based On Your Test results
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls
  • Healthy Habit Resources
  • Membership to the Healthy Habits Hub Community


R1400 per person


  • Groups start at 3 people
  • Weekly 1 Hour Group Coaching Calls
  • 15% Off Viome Gut Intelligence Test Kit
  • Viome Apple & Android App Access
  • Personalised Food Lists Based On Your Test results
  • Precision Nutrition and Lifestyle  Recommendations, Strategies and Support.
  • Healthy Habit Resources
  • Membership to the Healthy Habits Hub Community

Are you asking yourself these questions?



If you’re here it’s because you know you're ready for change…

It’s time to own your health and love the way you look and feel!

Yes, you're ready to nurture your life like never before!