Why Sunset and Sunrise are Great Times to Practice Yoga

yoga May 06, 2023

A good yoga class is a series and combination of a couple of things, namely, the enthusiasm and skill level of the instructor, the energy in the class as a whole, and the location. Very few people think too much about a fourth important point, rarely highlighted by yogi’s but also a factor to keep in mind: the time of day you choose to practice, or take a class. Location dependent, a session can go from good to great or great to OUT OF THIS WORLD, by the simple addition of a breathtaking sunrise or sunset. Looking at the types of retreats popping up around the world, it’s clear that more and more yoga practitioners are keeping this in mind, crafting new classes and programs based not only on the main touching points, but on the time of day of the session as well.


Yoga as Health Practice


If you’re new to yoga, and wondering what all the fuss about, let us enlighten you somewhat before looking at the benefits of practicing it at a specific time of day. Yoga, you see, combines meditation and breathing, facilitating general mental wellbeing, flexibility, clarity of mind and overall mindfulness. It helps to combat chronic stress patterns, assists with centering your attention (something that comes in very handy on days when you feel more frustrated than usual), and has been proven to be a catalyst to promoting better concentration in humans of all ages. Yoga as a lifestyle, rather than just a practice, has many physical, emotional and mental health benefits, especially if it becomes a consistent feature in your day-to-day schedule. Your 70 year old self with thank you for this in a big way.


Sunrise Yoga


Doing yoga during a sunrise gives you a sense of awakening, starting fresh and frankly, the feeling that you’re ahead of the curve in starting your day bright and early, compared to the majority of billions of other inhabitants on earth. When it’s you, fresh air, nature and the sunrise, you become acutely aware of how small we are, how beautiful life is, and how lucky you are to be starting another new day. Sunrise yoga is more therapeutic than people think, and often a favourite for yogi’s in their private practice, although we’re also seeing more and more classes pop up around the world, emphasising it as a general trend to watch going into the new year.


Sunset Yoga


On the other scale, when the sun is setting, there is a magical feeling in the air, that of the light changing and another small cycle closing. For someone who is busy closing their own chapter (be it in work, love or something else), this is the perfect time to practice and remind yourself of the journey of letting go. From a practical perspective, temperatures also tend to be more consistent around sunset each day regardless of the time of year, offering you the perfect time to be out in nature, without worrying about summer heat or even the icy crisp of winter. Sunset Yoga has been a big part of our practice, and frankly, nothing beats a beach yoga class at this time.


Hello Happiest Events


At Hello Happiest, we host yoga events as well as a couple of retreats each year, with a leaning towards classes at sunrise and sunset. While we remain flexible around the particular needs of our retreatlings and the times they are comfortable doing the class, the events are focused on specific times, taking place over sunset and also the following morning around brunch. Keep an eye out as our events unfold and see you at the next one!

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