A Mid-Month Recipe Rendezvous: Try These to Spruce Up Breakfast Time

breakfasts Jul 18, 2023


Mid-month meal fatigue? No thank you. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we get a little bit tired of eating the same thing, no matter how healthy it may be. This is particularly true for breakfast, which often involves being on autopilot and pouring the same cereal with a coffee, or making the same flavour smoothie. If you’re staring down a few more weeks in the month and you’re looking to spruce up the first meal of the day, you’ve come to the right place. Join me on a recipe rendezvous right here.



Protein Mango Smoothie


A breakfast smoothie can work wonders in terms of an energy boost to start the day, especially ahead of a workout or yoga session in the morning. That’s not to say it can’t be an amazing meal too! Including banana, mango, protein powder, milk, xanthan gum, ice and water, it offers the perfect taste balance with a refreshing feel. Check out the full recipe, and don’t forget to spend a little bit of time to “Masterchef” it up in terms of how you serve it. A small act of self-care & creative play that I have found goes a very long way.



Overnight All-Bran Cereal


A cereal fan? You’re not alone. In the United States, over 285 million people enjoy a bowl of it every morning. All-Bran has long been a top pick for South Africans looking to up their fibre intake, encouraging good digestive health in the process. Served on its own, it can definitely get a little bit boring over time. Adding some sliced bananas will help. Alternatively, try this recipe, which throws a mix of protein, cottage cheese, vanilla and almond milk into the mix. Honey and cinnamon are a must too, truly elevating the dish and enriching the eating experience tenfold.




Delicious Oat Crunchies


Cookies tend to get a bad wrap, especially if they are laced with sugar. That’s not to say that it can’t be nice to snack on them or even to make them a staple addition to your breakfast to make the meal more interesting. This is especially true when it comes to my sugar and gluten-free (yes please!) crunchies, which you can make in a batch of 9 to 12. In just ten simple steps, your palate will get to enjoy an extravaganza of flavours. Good luck hiding them from the other members in the family!


More Ideas to Keep Things Moving


If you’ve worked your way through all three, or you’re simply looking for more meal inspiration to take into the following month, save the Healthy Habits Hub as a favourite. From inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle, to self-care tips and finding ways to look after your health, this hub is here to add magic to your wellness journey. To take things up a notch, you can chat with me directly about the ways to build momentum in your routine. I’m happy to jump into a coaching session with you to get the process rolling, so let’s chat.


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