Navigating The Ups & Downs On Your Personal Wellness Path

Aug 19, 2023


Because social media encourages perfectionism, it’s easy to assume that the journey towards wellness in the modern world happens on a perfectly straight line. If you’re starting to make improvements to your own life — especially if for the first time — it might initially seem like the changes will always be on an upward trend and easy to keep up. In reality, looking after yourself in the long run has everything to do with managing different periods of highs and lows. These are often brought on by distractions in other areas of life, which may ease up or get more stressful in a natural flow from time to time. Today, we’ll consider when things are both good and bad, discuss the value of embracing the mix as part of a sustainable wellness path, as well as encourage you to reach out when a dip starts to feel like a downward spiral. 


When You’re “On The Up”


On any given day, it’s possible to make a string of healthy decisions without actually having to do all that much. Just by sleeping enough, creating a morning ritual for yourself, and moving your body regularly, you’ll probably begin to feel the effects on your overall wellbeing right away. Choosing a healthy meal, for example, keeps you fuller for longer. This in turn affects whether you are peckish or can make it to your next meal. Making small, positive decisions lead to other small, positive decisions which ultimately contribute to you feeling more in charge of your wellbeing, and staying “on the up” for longer. 


Small Dips and Downward Spirals


On any wellness journey, dips are totally normal. Often, these happen when sleep is neglected, morning routines are skipped and healthy food choices go out of the window. Something as simple as drinking coffee in the afternoon, rather than the morning, can affect your sleep that night. In turn, this may make you skip your morning ritual the next day. Suddenly, you’re clutching to a bag of chips for lunch. Just like when things are going well, small decisions can lead to a dip turning into a downward spiral. Always remember, however, that turning things back around is easier than it may feel at the time you’re going through it. 

Weathering The Storm By Getting Back To Basics


Remember not to keep score of when you dip, and pass judgement on yourself when this happens. Just like when a sports professional resets after every point (good or bad!), do the same when it comes to committing and recommitting to your personal wellness path every day. This allows you to weather the storm more gently, and makes it easier to get back to basics. Always start with a good night’s sleep (ideally with no screen time for two hours before you drift off), and getting back to your healthy morning routine. From there, making small choices to turn the tide will be a lot easier, and you’ll be in the zone and feeling like yourself again in no time. 


Reaching Out For Extra Support


Getting back into a good space can sometimes be easier said than done, and if you feel like you need a bit of extra support to get there, don’t be shy about talking to loved ones about it. When we all share more openly about our struggles and the common challenges that we all have to face, we open ourselves and the world around us to the multi-faceted journey that is our wellness path. If you would like a bit of help in getting back on track, it might also be useful to consider a holistic health coaching session or two with me. Together, it will be easier to navigate back to a better space, and for you to feel more supported as you continue to fight the good fight on your journey to greater wellness, joy and fulfilment.


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