In Search of Stability: How Habitual Happiness Can Help

happiness mental health Jul 21, 2023


Stability is integral to a life filled with joy and security. With so little within our control from one day to the next, it’s easy for it to feel out of reach somewhat. What we *can* control, however, is the day-to-day environment we create for ourselves, starting with the right mindset for it to be productive. A view towards habitual happiness is the first step towards achieving this mindset, and ultimately, encouraging more stability in your life. The common thread between these two may surprise you. Let’s dive into this together today.


Why Stability Matters


Stability is important because it allows us to function effectively and efficiently in our day-to-day lives. It helps with presenting a sense of security within a routine, which creates better predictability around some of the challenges that might crop up in the coming days, weeks or months. Progress and prosperity are at the heart of stability, both of which are essential for the wellbeing of individuals, and society as a whole. When you’re secure in your living space, within your wellness routine, as well as in the relationships in your life, you’re far more likely to have good mental health in the long run too.

Habitual Happiness as a Goal


Habitual happiness is the result of repeated “smart” decisions to promote and encourage your holistic wellbeing. It quite literally leads to prolonged periods of happiness, turning it into a habit in your life, rather than something to strive for continuously. When habitual happiness is the end goal, stability should be laid down as one of the markers on the path to get there. The correct mindset will make it easier than ever to achieve either, allowing you to achieve the things you want to, while also being in the right headspace to do so.


The Common Thread Between Both


The link between habitual happiness and stability is simple: balance. Both require you some semblance of balance, the latter perhaps not even possible without it. Striking a healthy balance in all facets of health and wellbeing creates the stability necessary to encourage habitual happiness. When one area in life becomes overly dominant, it isn’t possible to feel stable and secure. This is where mindfulness plays an important part, creating an opportunity for a more peaceful, fulfilled and happy life.


Working with Moments of Instability


No matter how stable life may be, there are always going to be roadblocks and unforeseen moments of stability to contend with. Knowing how to tackle these is essential to restoring balance and continuing on the habitual happiness journey. You don’t have to go at it alone. Working with a holistic health coach (like myself) gives you the tools to navigate these with swift action, meaning you won’t get stuck and compromise the sense of security offered by all-round stability. I too am working on bringing more balance into my life, and I understand that it isn’t something that happens overnight. If you want to give it a crack together, let’s have a chat about it.


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