Improving Your Focus in Busier-Than-Usual Times

focus mental health Nov 08, 2023


Has it been one of those weeks? Or months? When things get busier than usual, it can sometimes feel like we’re clutching to a speeding train. If you’re starting to notice that your focus is dwindling a bit — often the case when you’re dropping a coffee cup or stubbing your toe — it’s time to gently navigate back to a more mindful space. When things get a little hectic, the following practical tips will help make it easier to improve your focus and be your usual productive self. You’ll be feeling fit as a fiddle again in no time at all (as well as avoiding a busy week or month eventually snowballing into a busy year).


Get Proper Sleep


It’s easier said than done sometimes, especially when you’re under the pump, but getting proper sleep is truly the gateway to returning to a better mental state, which contributes positively to improving your focus. Simply put, do what you need to to get proper sleep. Four hours a night isn’t going to cut it. When you’re feeling the way you are, it’s best to aim for seven or eight hours, ideally uninterrupted and for the majority of the week. If you’ve had bad sleep for two nights in a row, prioritise your rest and do whatever possible to reset the clock to be able to function at full capacity the following day. 


Add a Supplement to Your Diet


I’m a big advocate for introducing the right supplements into your diet, especially those that can reduce mental fatigue and improve focus. Broadly speaking, these range from complex Magnesium & B vitamins (like B12) right through to supplements to enhance your mood and help your body to recover from exhaustion. I’m also happy to talk you through these during a coaching session if you’re wondering about what might work best based on your individual needs. Give me a shout!

Minimise Distractions


Reducing distractions in your life is an important aspect of improving your focus during busier-than-usual times. This counts for unnecessary notifications on your phone, getting overly distracted by scrolling on social media, or simply being interrupted by members of the family when you’re trying to get some self-care in. Set clear boundaries about what you’re willing and unwilling to put up with, consider some of the things that might be reducing your capacity for good mental health, and get back to basics if you need to (there’s no shame in doing so!).


Short Bursts of Mindfulness


A consistent mindfulness practice makes it easier to centre yourself and bring your mind back to the present, enabling better focus and general decision-making during the day. You don’t need to start meditating for an hour when you’re feeling swamped as it is. By simply introducing a few minutes to your morning routine, and gradually building up your capacity as your focus improves, you’ll soon be feeling like your bright and sparkly self again. The smallest of increments can lead to the most monumental of shifts, all it takes is the right intention, mindset, and dedication to the process. If you’ve made it this far into the blog, your focus is probably already on the up! Good luck, and keep going. 


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