How to Grow Your Social Support Network in the Digital Age

holistic health Oct 05, 2023



Social support is essential for sustainable habitual happiness. 

Without a cheering squad, accountability buddies, or an ear for the more difficult days, you will often fall off the health bandwagon.

Despite its connectivity potential, the digital age doesn’t always offer genuine human connection. Here’s how you can use your online presence to grow your network (and no, I don’t mean getting more followers - we’re after true connections).


Have the Right Mindset for Online Interactions


In the digital world, authentic connections sprout from genuine interactions. These are typically the product of being open and honest about your joys, struggles, and achievements without excessively sugarcoating any of these.

Don’t overshare, but be clear about the types of friendships you want to build using technology. Engaging sincerely in conversations without trying to draw attention to yourself will naturally attract like-minded people into your circle. 


Set Clear Boundaries


Being authentic online is excellent, but there must be clear boundaries regarding how much you share and what stays private. Has the person reading your post earned the right to the information you’re divulging? 


This is an essential question to ask. If you’re unsure, they probably haven’t. Create smaller “close friend” groups on social media for people who have earned this privilege and think twice before sharing something better suited to loved ones who know you best and have walked a path with you for decades.

Nurture Your Relationships


As with maintaining friendships in the digital age, growing a social support network requires work. You need to commit to blossoming relationships with the important people in their lives, opening up about your wellness journey, and asking them to support you in the ways you need them to.

Don’t leave it open to them. Ask if you want your sister to be your accountability buddy. Talk to your bestie about their experience with this diet vs. that one. Open up to the process and watch how surprising avenues of connection sprout almost instantly. 


Make Room for Offline Check-Ins


Having a device in our pockets to check in with anyone whenever we want to is great, but there’s nothing like getting together in person for a hug, cuppa, or both. Manage your schedule to make this possible often while maintaining strict boundaries on your time and energy. 


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If you’re serious about habitual happiness, I’m here to grow with you. 



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