Finding Deep Satisfaction in Life: How to Start a Curious Exploration

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Finding deep satisfaction in life is no easy feat. I might even go so far as to call it the ultimate challenge. True contentment, which doesn’t necessarily come from following the script set out by society, is a process involving constant self-reflection, a commitment to personal growth and the ability to embrace and navigate change. It starts by finding your core values and passions, setting goals and working towards aligning your life in such a way that these have the best shot at coming to fruition. Who’s ready to begin this curious exploration?


Happiness as a State of Mind


One of the main things I tell my coaching clients when they first start a search for deep fulfilment is that it all starts with a mindset geared for happiness. You can have abundance all around you, in many different areas of your life, but if your thought patterns are geared to show gratitude for and appreciate these, you can’t expect to feel fulfilled. A deeply satisfying life simply isn’t possible if you haven’t done the work to encourage good mental health on a consistent basis. True happiness stems from mindful living, which puts you into close contact with your needs and desires. 


The Circle of Life: A Guide


With the right mindset in tow, you can begin to tackle some of the key areas that have the potential to bring you the most joy. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Circle of Life Tool can help with uncovering the specific facets to uncover these. There are twelve different “pie slices”, but you don’t need to overwhelm yourself right off the bat. A combination of two or three, with a view toward balancing these areas and working on others over the long term, is a golden ticket to finding a deep satisfaction in life. You can’t go into the process without some curiosity, a willingness to bump your head (metaphorically) if need be, as well as a willingness to learn as you go. 




Prioritising Primary Foods


Once you’ve gained some momentum from the Circle of Life tool, it’s worth exploring what I call “primary foods”. Four of the main primary foods that can amplify your journey towards contentment are healthy relationships, physical activity, spiritual practice and a fulfilling career. Ask yourself how what you’ve learned so far can be introduced into each of these areas. If you have resistance to one or more of these, start there. The scratch is probably linked to an area where the most exploration is necessary. 


Into the Unknown


There’s no “one size fits all” solution to finding deep satisfaction in life for everyone. It requires embracing your unique strength and passions along with meaningful goals, fostering healthy relationships and building in the areas of your life that are most important to you. You may even find that there are things you need to break down first in order to get there. Life is a continuous unfolding, in its own time and fashion. A commitment to living with contentment is already a good sign that you’re on the right path. If you need some help staying on it, I can help.


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