Asking Why, Rather Than How: The Right Mindset Around Movement

movement Nov 02, 2023


When we first introduce regular movement into our lives, it’s easy to default to only thinking about the types of activities we should be doing. While healthy exploration is a good thing, making physical activity a sustainable part of your wellness practice requires you to look beyond the how. Why are you keen to make movement a part of your life, to begin with? If you don’t have the answer yet, it’s worth taking some time to figure this out, in order to avoid falling into a routine that might have short-term gains, but won’t have the legs to last. 


Overcoming a Lack of Motivation


Most people are unmotivated to move by nature. This is because the act brings immediate discomfort, which requires additional energy from reserves that may already be depleted. How we push through this barrier is vitally important, especially when we’re on a mission to make movement a consistent part of our lives. The goal should be to enter a state where you can’t imagine your life without movement, purely because it makes you feel amazing. Remember that the more you take part in an activity, the better your body adapts and the easier it is to start a healthy “addiction” to physical activity. 


The *Why*


Why you want to move should always be linked to the idea of “getting to the other side” of the barrier that’s created when we first start moving. This is an achievement of its own, generating momentum for you to try other activities and find the ones you love. On top of the why, ask yourself what you would like to feel from moving regularly. Once you experience that endorphin rush you won’t look back. Try not to fall into the immediate gratification zone. Healthy movement requires a mindset that plays the long game, building one brick at a time and eventually becoming a driving force in your wellness routine. 

Playing in Your Own Body


A great way to retain a positive mindset relative to movement is to approach it as if you’re playing in your own body. That innocent, childlike playing that we’re discouraged from doing pretty much as soon as we leave school. This is a way to find out what you enjoy, give you a confidence boost and encourage a better quality of life. As you have fun and enjoy the process of finding the activities that make you tick, your body will respond and further open you up to other activities that you might have thought you could never do. 


It Gets Easier!


If this all feels like a bit much, I’m here to tell you that it does get easier! I used to have to drag myself to yoga, but today I can’t imagine my life without it. Everybody has their “thing” and you’ll find yours if you have a curious, positive mindset relative to physical activity. You might not feel like you have what it takes yet, but your body is more capable than you can imagine. Just keep trying a little bit more and push through without punishing yourself along the way. If it’s a good fit, it will never feel like a punishment. Understanding the “why” before you dive into the how can change more than just your approach to movement. Schedule a coaching session with me to find out where else it can make a positive impact. 



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