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Serondella Yoga


Yoga nature experiences - to extend movement and balance tailoured to your guests schedule and preferences 

Yoga classes and experiences suitable for all levels to enhance the Serondella safari experience.  Deepening your guests' connection to nature and invite them to slow down, breathe and rediscover their balance and bliss. 


Imagine yoga merged into Serondella's daily experiences for guests to rest and revive on a significantly deeper level:


Yoga post game drive on the beautiful deck, yoga in the garden to connect with breath, trees, nyalas and birds, yoga immersed in the nature walk to move and flow in the heart of the African bush, a yoga picnic - movement in the bush followed by smoothies and a healthy feast, evening yoga by the bonfire under the start to say farewell to the day and warm up for evening drinks and dinner...



Yoga on the gym deck

Yoga in the garden 

Yoga nature walks 

Yoga Picnic

Bonfire yoga

1. Yoga on the deck

Private and group classes tailored to guests' needs. Classes ranging from relaxing Yin to energising Vinyasa on your beautiful yoga deck outside the gym for guests to plug into throughout their day to move their bodies and balance their minds.