Working with a Holistic Health Coach... as a Couple?

It’s not uncommon for people to have regular one-on-one sessions with a coach. Few people are aware though, that it’s possible for some coaching types to be done in pairs as well. Couples on a personal development journey have a lot to gain from working together on their individual wellbeing. This is where holistic health coaching can be a game changer in particular, as a result of its ability to help both parties to reach their own goals and offering them the tools to support their other half along the way too. Let’s look at this idea with a little more depth, as well as considering the other ways it can be good for strengthening any partnership over time.

What a Holistic Health Coach Does

A holistic health coach is tasked with helping people look at their health and wellbeing from a completely objective perspective. This means taking a look at all the different factors that make up wellbeing (from diet, to movement, to spiritual wellbeing and more), as well as considering specific limitations, before setting out with a plan for the person to find their own fulfilment and balance. A holistic health coach is there to check in with, to hold you accountable, and to offer advice without taking into account any subjective or preconceived ideas.

Starting a Personal Development Journey as a Couple

If you and your partner are starting to talk about longer term commitment to each other, it’s worth discussing your personal development journey and what role you see it playing along the way. If both parties understand that people are changing and evolving over time, this is a great starting point to begin to understand the nature of any wellbeing journey. Couples have a lot to gain from talking to someone who won’t necessarily touch on their specific relationship problems, but will focus more on helping each individual to bring their best selves to the partnership, in order for both to show up to the relationship in a more sustainable manner over time.

Sessions Tailored To Your Timetable

With the right coach, holistic health coaching will always be able to be tailored to suit the timetables of both parties, and allow both parties the freedom to let their personal development journey unfold at its own pace. The idea is not to add another time commitment on top of what is probably already a busy schedule. Although the couple has to make coaching a priority, the process should be flexible enough to account for the ebb and flow of life. The right coach will be attuned to this, and be cognisant of what the couple is going through in terms of their other commitments.

Growing Together with Holistic Health Coaching

The strongest partnerships are based on two individuals who grow more deeply into themselves over time, all the while making it a priority for them to continue to “meet” and find each other again at every checkpoint. This doesn’t happen magically, like the Disney movies suggested it might. It takes work. Couples counselling might have some stigma attached to it, but it is a good way to get both parties back on the same page as partners move into different phases of their lives. If counselling seems too formal, holistic health coaching is a great alternative. By committing to the process, both individuals in the relationship can grow at their own pace, which ultimately leads to maintaining a stronger foundation for the pair to grow together in the broader sense, too.