Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Start a Yoga Practice

The Festive Season has come and gone, and that of course means that the new year is officially upon us. Let’s make it a great year for good health and wellness! If you’ve been trying to make yoga a part of your routine for aaaages, but just haven’t been able to get around to it, now is the best time to jump straight in. Summer is an incredible season as it is, and coupled with the turn of the new year, it creates a new burst of potential for us to try new things, like yoga. Why do I know it’s the best season to get going with it? Because I did the exact opposite when I first started, which taught me a couple of lessons I can now share all these years later.

Starting Yoga in the Colder Months

I first tried yoga during the month of May, which in South Africa is officially the beginning of winter every year. I now know that it would have been muuuch easier to start in a warmer month, as trying any form of outdoor yoga required me to wear ugg boots to class at the time. I got rained on (a lot!) and I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have an inherent curiosity (and love) for yoga I probably would have quit after a class or two. Even if you live in a region where winter is relatively dry, I guarantee that it will be harder to get out of bed and into your yoga pants on a chilly morning. Might it help you build some discipline? Sure. But I’m all about the path of least resistance, aka starting in summer instead.

Syncing up with Nature in the Summer

One of the best parts of doing yoga in the summertime is that it creates an incredible opportunity for anybody to sync up with whatever form of nature they have around them. Yoga is more accessible in summer because sunrise is early (meaning you can get up early, have a session and still have time to gently get ready for the day ahead). The day is typically longer too, so you have more time to do a sunset session as well, even if things have been hectic at work. Being able to spend more time in nature (especially after two years of a global pandemic) is a surefire way for a mental health boost, and can stimulate the senses in the process too.

Tips For Getting Started

It’s no secret that starting anything new requires a fair share of patience and a high level of commitment. Doing so on your own can be a bit challenging. To get into yoga this summer, you should consider jumping into my free 7 Days of Yoga From Home course to give you some structure right away. The earlier in the year you can do it, the better. Carve out a specific time in the day for each class, and do your best to stick to it for the week. If you’re unsure about the best time, try 30 minutes before your usual alarm, or 30 minutes before the sun sets, which are both good times to move your body.

Season-Independent Online Yoga Classes

Once you’ve worked your way through the 7 day course (hooray!), move on to the Yoga From Home program I created during the lockdown. This is actually something you can do no matter what season it is, but getting on the mat every day will be a whole lot easier if you’re not having to layer up before you do so (learn from my experience, yes?). Once your yoga practice is more set in stone, let’s work to keep it going. Try a one-on-one online class with yours truly if you’re ready to take things to another level. I’ll be able to tell you about specific areas we can work on, as well as answer any questions you might have from what you’ve done so far. Here’s to a great summer, and an even better (healthier) 2022 for all of us!