Why Online Yoga Classes Are Here To Stay

Online yoga classes are no longer the way of the future — they are the present and they are here to stay. The pandemic has changed the game for good, and changed the way I teach yoga in so many different ways. Although it has meant adjusting to new conditions and parameters, online yoga classes have also opened up the entire world to the possibilities of learning yoga from an instructor that can be based anywhere around the world. It has also created a string of exciting online courses, seen newbies learn yoga for the very first time, and changed the game in a big way over the course of the last year or so.

The Rise of Online Yoga Classes

When March 2020 hit, yogis all over the world realised that they were going to need to move their studio classes online. I immediately released a free online yoga course to encourage anybody who was interested in moving their bodies a little more during the lockdown to do so from the comfort of their own home. Since then, online yoga classes have seen a steady increase all over the world, and they look to be here to stay. These days they take on a variety of different forms, as the world has adapted to Zoom, Skype and other platforms to not only give one-on-one classes, but for group sessions as well.

Reaching Places Where Yoga Is Still Growing

One of the major benefits of online yoga is that it allows the craft to reach places where yoga might not be as popular just yet. I recently met a new client while traveling to Mozambique. He lives in a small town in the Netherlands, where yoga classes are few and far between and very expensive. After hearing that I teach online and that my rate was more affordable, he was happy to consider giving my classes a go. Because he doesn’t have to go to a studio he is also learning how to create his own safe and comfortable space for his practice at home, without ever having to leave in order to reap the benefits of private, personalised teaching.

Moving Away From Gym Studio Classes

Because gyms were closed during the pandemic, studio yoga classes came to a practical standstill when lockdown first kicked in. As more people experienced the power of online yoga, they realised that they might not even need to go back to a studio ever again. Aside from it being a health risk until a majority of the population is vaccinated, after doing one-on-one online yoga classes, it’s not uncommon for people to feel like “a number” in those bigger classes. Usually, most of these kinds of classes are just spent catching up with the level of the instructor. Private online yoga has added a personalised touch even while we can’t physically be in the same space, which is a real win in my books.

Personalised Yoga With Someone You Trust

Last but not least, online yoga is here to stay because it gives you access to personalised yoga classes with a twist. You can work with someone regularly that you resonate with on a spiritual or emotional level. More importantly, you can carve out your own practice with someone you like and trust. This truly opens up your world to a sea of instructors out there, and as I’ve seen in my own practice, the sky's the limit for who I can teach all over the world. Online yoga is here to stay because it connected us in a time when connection felt next to impossible. I’m so happy that we are here, and look forward to seeing where the road takes us in the coming years.