When Health Coaching Becomes Holistic Health Coaching

If you read my piece on how coaching changed my life (thank you if you did!), you might be itching for a bit more information on what exactly health coaching it is, and how it works. If you just think about the fact that the highest performing athletes in the world usually have someone guiding them during training and competitions, it makes sense that coaching is generally a process of empowerment. It helps encourage people to reach their full potential, to rise up to challenges, and to improve their overall resilience. Health coaching is no different, and has a very important role to play in the sphere of personal development.

The Role Of A Health Coach

When you’re building your own pathway to joy, a health coach guides you along the so-called (well, self professed and experienced) wild ride. They become a partner of sorts, whose role is to inspire action and help to co-create your ideal way of life. This happens through goal setting, putting an actionable plan together for those dreams that are a work in progress, and finding as many ways to keep you motivated along the way. A coach should never be telling you what to do. They should be helping you strategise from the sidelines, offering a different perspective to the one you have. This is especially useful when you’re going through something stressful, or you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut.

Specific Focus Areas In Health Coaching

In my experience, health coaching can often be broken down into a focus on two primary areas, namely primary and secondary food. I discuss these at length during my session, but have also written a piece about them, if you’re curious to learn more right away. Working on these areas can be a great way to achieve a more balanced outlook on the world and your own life. This kind of coaching roaches on important areas like overall health, joy, career development, managing your finances, always learning and more. It can also stretch as far as spiritual practice, home & social life, physical activity, nurturing creativity, cultivating relationships and other areas that help to nourish your active self care routine. I like to think of it as a massive melting pot of the things that have the ability to bring the most joy to our lives over time!

How The Coaching Process Works

When I start coaching a new client, I usually design a 3 to 6 month program with them, which typically consists of two sessions a month. During the sessions, we focus on specific life areas that need to be brought into balance at that specific time. In my role as coach, I help the person to explore the processes that work for them, introduce them to more formal methods that could be of use along the way, and also encourage greater introspection and a deep dive into the areas that have the potential to spark the most joy for then. I like to dig into the specific needs of my clients, so they can achieve their deepest wishes through small, gradual chunks of momentum.

An Upgraded Form Of Health Coaching

Health coaching is something near to my heart, and has personally helped me to discover the vital tools necessary to living a balanced and joyful life. This inspired me to start thinking about the type of coaching I offer, which ideally should offer an abundance of resources to anybody wanting to dive into their own health and wellbeing. And I’m talking an abuuuuuuundance, so they have as many options to figure out what they enjoy, and what works for them for their own personal growth.

Enter the world of holistic health coaching, which I like to call the more experienced, somewhat wiser older sibling of health coaching. This type of coaching offers additional nuggets of learning, including finding out how to shop like a health chef for one, integrating private yoga classes into the coaching program directly (where have you ever?), and getting access to some of the best online programs specifically targeted to your exact needs. Armed with traditional coaching techniques alongside updated avenues, holistic health coaching essentially gives anybody the best opportunity to future proof their own wellbeing, and to look after themselves more consistently. Even if we’re ever in a global pandemic again.

Are you ready to get started?