What is Kids Yoga, And How To Encourage Yours To Try It

Kids yoga is taking the world by storm with good reason. You and your partner might be planning a family, or already have one or two of your own waddling around the world. It’s never too early to encourage them to move their bodies, as this helps to set a good foundation for later on in life. If you’ve never considered encouraging your child to try yoga, this article has everything you need to understand why it's a good thing, and how to go about gently nudging them in that direction for their own good.

What is Kids Yoga?

Kids yoga, or yoga for children, is a modern form of yoga that is specifically designed for those who haven’t hit adolescence yet. There is no specific age structure that has to be followed, but at its core the yoga poses should be fun and relevant to the developmental level of the child. A kids yoga class could include games, animal sounds or even just a few out of the box names for the specific poses. The bottom line is that they should be fun, and get your child to move without having to think too much about it.

Why You Can Never Start Yoga Too Soon

Starting your child off with yoga from when they are young can have a multitude of benefits in the long run. People that learn how to move their bodies from very young are set up for success in terms of their health and wellbeing, building core strength and flexibility through a range of motion they wouldn’t have tried otherwise. People who move from when they are younger tend to be more mindful as well, making intent-driven decisions and generally experiencing higher levels of self awareness and control over time.

What Mindfulness Does For Children

Over and above the physical benefits, the mindfulness element of yoga has other benefits that you as a parent should know about. It can be a vital tool in helping to deal with a bully, especially if this awareness is created and nurtured from very young. Yoga helps to develop self love and self confidence, not only through reaching small milestones, but also generally giving the person more appreciation for their own bodies. In the age of social media, it’s so easy for young people to play the comparison game (even though a filter does not make it an even playing field). Mindfulness changes the narrative and leads towards a potentially much better outcome moving into adulthood.

How To Encourage Your Kids To Try Yoga

Getting your child excited about kids yoga should start with education, including telling them about all the benefits. Try not to bombard them with information, and perhaps showing them a short online video might be better received. Depending on their personalities, they may take to it very quickly, or be slightly more reserved. Give them room to explore poses as things go along, and ask for help if you need extra support to get the most out of kids yoga. A private class might mean the difference between them thanking you two decades from now, or having a grumpy adult with a resentful stare around the Christmas lunch table each year.