What Is Holistic Health?

There are so many people on a pathway to better health. Some have tried their hand and a lot of different methods, in order to see what sticks for them in the long run. This kind of curiosity is always encouraged, but can also be something that allows people to jump from one fad to the next. This is where the concept of “holistic” health comes in as a better alternative to conventional “health”. Although it is still a relatively new term in the wellbeing space worldwide, knowing more about it may end up becoming integral for your own journey to joy.

Holistic Health Definition

“Holistic health” is a term that describes a collection of specific components working together in order to provide a greater impact on overall health. These components can vary from one tool to the next, and effectiveness is usually measured through meditation, journaling and reflection. A holistic health practice involves looking at the specific needs of each person, and creating a custom, gentle plan that works for the person based on what they enjoy, and their natural limitations. Holistic health includes so much more than just the generic definition of good health. It encompasses everything that contributes to good health and wellbeing, including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health and more.

Holistic Mental Health

One key distinction between a traditional view of “health” and “holistic health” is the simple idea that we need to look beyond physical symptoms when we’re trying to diagnose an illness. Doctors are literal lifesavers (and have earned and deserve a lot of respect, especially during a pandemic!), but it is still far too rare for a general practitioner to ask out about mental health during a consultation. Medical students focus a very short amount of time in their years of study to this important part of health. Times are changing, and there are shifts towards more open discussion of mental health within the context of physical health, especially as we face a potential loneliness epidemic after the pandemic runs its course. Holistic health encompasses mental health, and good mental health can have a positive effect on physical health too.

Assigning Holistic Meaning To Your Life

Embarking on a journey to finding your happiest self often turns into a search for finding a larger meaning to our own existence. In the past, some self help books have encouraged very specific meanings that are meant to be taken as a “universal truth”. This doesn’t end up being inspiring, rather doing the opposite by suggesting to the reader that because they feel otherwise, there must be something wrong with them. A holistic health practice doesn’t limit itself in this way. It encourages exploration, curiosity and finding the meaning of your own life (however large or small) in your own time. Gently, the process guides you naturally to a better understanding of yourself, your world view, and where you find meaning in the melting pot of modern society.

What I Offer As A Holistic Health Coach

I absolutely love working as a holistic health coach because I’ve been right where my clients are today. Taking a wider view of my health and incorporating the things that worked best based on my own set of unique circumstances has changed the way I show up in the world today. It also allows me to set clear expectations with any new clients. They also learn that we are walking on a pathway towards a deeper understanding of the things that bring the most joy to them together. Life is a continuous learning process, and my holistic health coaching sessions are there to offer a supportive arm around the shoulder every step of the way.