Trying Yoga For Toning, Meditation, Movement and More

Setting new intentions for your 2022 wellness practice? That’s great to hear. Doing so around your yoga practice can be an easy way to build some positive momentum right from the start of the new year. Whether you’ve already incorporated it into your routine, or are wanting to do so for the first time, there are a couple of basic intentions that might make it easier to sustain the practice over time.

Yoga for Toning

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your physical health. If you’re keen on toning up a bit, putting an emphasis on the physicality of yoga might be the way to go. A BARRE or Sculpt Yoga class will tick the boxes in this regard, as they tend to lean more on how yoga can be used to give you a high-level workout every time. Although I don’t believe that we should place as much emphasis on physical appearance in general (there’s a lot to be said for doing internal work to achieve a better quality of life), if toning up will help to give you a confidence and self-esteem boost, I’m all for it.

Yoga as a Meditative Practice

Regular yoga can be a great way to introduce a meditative practice into your life without having to actually start with regular meditation. It has the ability to transform your inner world by giving you a specific time to get quiet and reflect on the things in your life. Some yoga poses are so powerful that they will unlock certain feelings and emotions in you too. Don’t be surprised if the child’s pose helps you to have an emotional release, especially if you’re new to yoga. Once your routine is established, you may even feel like working in a couple of minutes of meditation into your morning.

Moving Your Body More

I’m a big proponent of yoga as a way to regularly move your body, especially so in a world where most people spend up to eight hours a day in an office chair. The more you can move your body across a given week, the more health benefits you will enjoy in the short-term, and as you age over time. Movement comes with its own share of benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, helping to combat high blood pressure, and so forth. A yoga practice is a lot easier to start when your intention is to move more in the new year, and I for one am also looking to move my body more in 2022.

Other Facets to Explore

On top of what we’ve mentioned, a yoga practice can also give your social life a boost (so important considering what we’ve been through during the last two years), especially if you sign up for a weekly class. It can also improve your general posture, which might be something you’ve been wanting to address for a while. If you’ve never been very flexible, a couple of months of yoga will start to show improvements in this regard. These can all be considered before setting the intentions for your yoga practice in 2022.

Choosing one or more of these intentions can be game-changing for your overall health. During times when your wellness routine starts to dwindle a bit (which is only natural during the process), a specific intention or two can remind you why you committed to doing regular yoga in the first place, and how it fits into your broader wellness goals. Remain flexible and open to your goals changing over time, and watch the sustainability of your practice soar across all four seasons in the new year.