Travel as a Grand Adventure, Enriching Your Perspective on Life

I often tell my friends that I’m at my happiest when I’m exploring something new. It allows for a complete break from the usual routine, offering an always novel experience that can’t but enrich. For many people, the idea of going somewhere new for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Although it might be tempting to “think small” and micromanage the travel process - looking at your next trip as a grand adventure (instead of a series of activities to check off a list) is the best way to truly get the most out of the experience at the end of the day.

Thinking Bigger with Regards to Travel

But what do I mean when I say “grand adventure”? Whether you’re doing a weekend breakaway in a nearby town, or flying halfway around the world for a month, your intention should be the same. The idea is to open your heart to the prospect of seeing new things, re-exploring the curiosity in you, and always remembering that every single experience along the way is bound to change your perspective on life in some or other way in the long run. Go ahead, spend weeks in Indonesia, go to that other side of the world you've never seen, save up for the Northern lights and go skiing while you’re at it! Maybe even explore becoming a digital nomad and go live in the bush for three months like I'm about to do! The world is opening up, and my ‘world’ I’m excited, let it open us up too!

Observing and Absorbing

The key to making the most of a new location is to observe and absorb as much of the beauty in front of you as you can. Being present in the moment allows you to appreciate the little things during a trip, even if those are slightly uncomfortable (like being in transit at an airport or sitting in a hot taxi in a foreign country). Mindfulness can make all the difference during any kind of travel, especially on days when you’re feeling a little bit low. See it as part of the process, and the ebb and flow of being out of your comfort zone.

Rediscovering Your Inner Child

When we’re children, everything in the world is exciting and new. There is a sense of wonder to each new day, which quickly goes away as we reach our teenage years and enter into adulthood. Travelling allows your inner child to be rediscovered, which unconsciously results in a state of bliss. When deciding on activities to work into your itinerary, ask yourself what sparked joy for you as a child. What sparks joy for you now? Let the two match up (for me, diving/being underwater always sparks this), and watch your happiness levels soar.

Travel & Holistic Health

I always try to remind my coaching clients that traveling is bound to change your outlook of the world. In this way, it plays an important part of maintaining good holistic health. When you prioritise downtime, and make an effort to be open to new experiences, your personal development journey gets an instant boost. No matter how long your trip ends up being, by seeing it as a grand adventure, it will enrich your perspective on life in ways that might have previously been unimaginable. Enjoy the ride!