The Wellness Benefits of Introducing Plants to Your Home

Simply put, I loooove plants. I’ve developed a bit of a green thumb over the years, especially so during the pandemic, when we’ve all had to spend more time than usual in our homes. Wherever I can, I like to introduce new plants into my living space in a bid to keep it a wellness-ready space. When I introduce new plants into my life, I also get a renewed sense of joy and appreciation for nature. This got me thinking about all the benefits of introducing plants to the home, which I'd like to share with you today.

Plants as Noise Reducers

One of the lesser known benefits of adding plants into a space is that they absorb any noise in the surrounding area. From removing that dreaded empty space echo, all the way through to absorbing some of the sounds from outside, plants can help create a more serene environment around you. Although they can’t do too much when it comes to a partner or family member not quite keeping quiet during your wellness routine in the morning, perhaps you can gently distract your loved one by asking them to water the plants during your me-time to help keep the space sacred for you.

An Instant Mood Booster

I like to call plants the most low-maintenance pet you can have. The act of nurturing and looking after something can provide an instant dose of wellness. Aesthetically, they can also brighten your day in a heartbeat. The colour green is known to be good for helping people to relax. Plants will also brighten up the space around you, help to combat mental fog if you’re unfocused, and give your mental health a boost during times when it may feel a little harder than usual to go about your wellness routine.

Recycling the Surrounding Air

Plants can do wonders for the surrounding air in your home space. They can drastically improve the quality of the air, acting as a filter of sorts. Plants are great at recycling old and stagnant air, especially if the space doesn’t have proper ventilation. This directly contributes to the wellness of your home space, and will also benefit some of the other members of the household. This can lead to better general health and potentially even help everyone to get sick a bit less.

Inspiring Creativity

Last but not least, in the busy and fast-paced world we live in, plants can be a way to inspire and include creativity in your day. Just by deciding how to arrange your indoor plants, you will essentially be taking part in a creative act. Choosing different plants and deciding what to introduce into your home space (looking at what the flowers might look like, the colours in the leaves and so forth) adds to a more homely feel to the space, and is a great way to express yourself in a simple way.

If you’ve been thinking about making adjustments to your home space, especially if you’re keen on revitalising your wellness routine going into the new year, start by getting your hands on a few plants, and watch your joy and happiness levels soar. If you’ve got any questions about the best way to do so, reach out to me on Instagram, and I’d be happy to share a few extra tips to help get you started.