The Trifecta: Having Multiple Intentions as you Embark on a Wellness Journey

There’s nothing quite like starting a wellness journey. I have many fond memories of the trials and tribulations of doing so back in 2016. Most people set off with a single goal or intention to serve as motivation. A common one I’ve heard is “I want to complete Iron Man this year” or something similar. If you’re exploring your health and wellbeing for the first time, this might be slightly unrealistic. Health and wellness should aim to be sustainable. For this reason, it’s important to have multiple intentions when you start off, in order to have clear reference points to go back to along the way. Today, I’ll cover a trifecta of intentions that can make it easier to get going

The Courage to Embark on a Wellness Journey

Firstly, congratulate yourself for having the courage to embark on a wellness journey. Comparatively speaking, few have come before you, and you’re setting a great example for your loved ones. Staying courageous in the face of new challenges can be tough. Go in with a mindset of being gentle towards yourself along the way. If the process is seen as an unfolding, rather than a “flash in the pan” solution to complete a marathon and post a picture on social media, it’s more likely that it will yield consistent benefits in your life.

Intention #1: I’m After a Happier, More Joy Filled Life

A wellness journey requires a burning desire to achieve something you haven’t before. You need to want it with some passion, while being clear about the reason behind doing so. Here’s where the first intention - seeking a happier, more joy filled life - comes in. It is broad enough to leave room for curious exploration, in order to find what brings you happiness and joy. We’re all wired differently after all, so what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. This intention doesn’t feature a tangible, rigid goal that can be measured. It encourages a flowing process that you can check-in with along the entire wellness journey.

Intention #2: I’m Open to Accepting Help When I Need It

The second intention that facilitates a sustainable wellness practice revolves around additional support along the way. A buddy or a team (as is possible with the Hello Happiest Lifestyle Manager) can help make something that might not come as naturally to you as easy as possible. By being open to receiving and accepting help when you need it - especially on those days that are harder than others - you’ll not only nurture an ability to be vulnerable, but also encourage building connections with anybody from a Holistic Health coach like myself, a friend or even a family member acting like an accountability buddy.

Intention #3: I’m Going To Have Fun Along the Way

The final intention to consider as you kick off a wellness journey is related to a commitment to having fun along the way. The process is not going to be perfect and you won’t always meet your goals as you go. If you feel like you have to keep up with it, you’re in the wrong territory already. By telling yourself that you want to enjoy exploring the different facets of wellness, you’ll soon attract and be exposed to the types of activities that complement your journey. Skip the hour long treadmill run if it isn’t your cup of tea, and try a BARRE yoga session instead. The more curious you get, the more you’ll understand the needs of your body, and the greater the enjoyment at the end of the day.