The Power of Extra Support on Your Wellness Journey

As you embark on your very own pathway to joy, you might be tempted to think that you can do it all on your own. When we watch some of our sporting heroes achieve greatness in their craft, it can be easy to remember the photo of them holding a trophy, rather than realising just how much it took to get there, and how valuable the support system around them was in order for it to happen. Having “fans” of your own as you take on a new wellness journey can be rewarding in so many ways, not to mention be a big help on those days where you can feel like you’re dwindling off the path just slightly.

There’s No Need To Be Proud

By nature, humans are full of pride and fear, both of which often come into contact with each other when we get out of our comfort zones. By trying a new health routine or changing up the way you look at food, your movement, or your holistic health as a whole, you might encounter some of these feelings. It’s one thing to be proud of hitting a milestone, and another thing altogether to be too proud to ask others to support you along the way. If you’re worried about failing, remember that nobody makes sustainable changes without the help of others. So by not asking for help upfront, you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure to begin with. Roadblocks are part of the process, and with a supportive ear nearby, getting through them and carrying on is a lot easier.

The Courage To Talk About Your Wellness Goals

Although taking on a new wellness journey takes a lot of courage (and I salute you for doing so a hundred times over), we also need to save some of our courage for telling others about our goals. It might be daunting to open up to somebody else about something so personal, but when it happens in the right way, it may even encourage them to make changes of their own. The idea is to talk about what you’re going through, and to have somebody to share your experiences with and learn from. Before you know it, they will be doing the same to someone else, and the cycle of holistic health continues far beyond what you may have ever imagined.

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Asking a Friend To Support Your Journey

Asking a friend to be that extra support system on your journey can be a challenge (especially if that pride we mentioned earlier gets in the way). The key is to do it the right way, and like I always say, to go gently. Skip the WhatsApp essay. Don’t tag them on a social media post asking for support. Pick up the phone, or arrange a face-to-face coffee if possible, and let them know that you wanted to talk to them about what you’re doing because their opinion matters to you, and you value their input. That opens up the conversation for real vulnerability, and before you know it you’ll have someone else on “team wellness” for when the going gets tough.

Getting Additional Help To Stay Accountable

Staying on your personal pathway to joy requires having extra support from a loved one, but it can also be an easier process if you have some professional support too. I’m talking about someone who can check in with you regularly, and help to plant seeds about the areas you should shift your attention towards. A coach can take an objective stance relative to where you are at, look at your goals and measure how realistic they may be, and hold you accountable to some of the goals you are setting for yourself. I love doing this for my holistic health coaching clients, and enjoy watching their steady progress over time. While it might require tough love and a gentle nudge back towards their goals from time to time, the result is always a strong argument for the power of having extra support on your wellness journey, no matter what form it might take.