The Easiest Stretch Based Yoga Poses To Explore

Many people incorporate yoga into their wellness routines to make the most of moving their bodies more regularly. Another angle to consider to get the most out of your practice is considering yoga as the ideal way to stretch your body regularly. You might be surprised by the array of wellness benefits stretching can bring to your body over time. Yoga is magical for a variety of different reasons, but even more so for its ability to enhance your wellbeing depending on the intentions you set every time you hit the mat. Today, I’d like to share some ideas to make it as easy as possible for you to start incorporating stretching into your life, as gently and comfortably as possible.

What Works For You?

I get a lot of joy from sharing my yoga flows, and speaking so openly about my wellness practice online. That said, it’s important for you to connect with yourself in a way that gives you the chance to explore what works for your wellness practice, and what doesn’t. Finding your yoga flow, even when it comes to some basic stretches, requires you to be open minded to get explorative, as well as understanding that we all have physical limitations to contend with. If stretching has never been a part of your life, it may be challenging to get started. If you feel any pain, or have health conditions that might hinder your progress, check in with your GP to make sure that you’re ticking the safety boxes first.

The Benefits of Stretching

Stretching regularly can do a lot for your physical health. From decreasing muscle stiffness, to increasing your range of motion, improving your posture and even reducing stress, doing so can really be a game changer. Your body will also learn to relax, your breathing will naturally become more regulated and it will be possible for you to connect more intimately with your body in a way you might not have experienced before. If you’re wondering about how to get started with incorporating stretching into your yoga routine, we’ve got you covered with a full body stretch video right here.

An Easy Full Body Stretch To Get Things Going

As you’ll notice with the video, stretching requires two things at first: going slowly, and going gently. The key is not to rush your way through it, and by carving out enough time for the first session it’s possible to get the most out of it. Enhance the experience by lighting a candle or two (there should be enough to go around at home considering load shedding!) and grab any other comforts, like some pillows or a blanket to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t be afraid to pause the video if there is something you’d like to try again, or if you’re trying something a little more challenging on your body. Stay calm, keep breathing and most of all, enjoy the experience!

Some Extra Help To Get You There

If you’re finding it hard to master some of the stretches, or are feeling like you might need a bit of one-on-one help, you’re welcome to reach out to me here on the website, or on social media. I’d be more than happy to help you get to your goals, and to find the most practical way to make stretching a part of your yoga routine. I’ll be able to show you a couple of other stretches too, should you wish to take things up a notch. A private class or a coaching session could also enhance your wellness routine as a whole. By exploring your specific needs, we’ll have you stretching and moving your body in ways you can’t quite imagine just yet in no time at all. I look forward to hearing from yo