The Connection Between Holistic Health and Healing

Holistic health is a term that’s starting to gain more traction around the world. The U.S is seeing an upward trend in searches for this on Google, showcasing that more people are getting interested in the idea of taking care of themselves from a variety of different angles to cultivate a wider sense of fulfilment and joy. But what is the link between holistic health and healing? Today, we’ll explore the topic, offering some insights into the way that the two compliment each other no matter what kind of wellness journey a person might be on.

Tending to Your Own Holistic Health

If you tend to your holistic health — be it through a disciplined wellness routine, or just through small, actionable healthy choices during the course of a day — you are putting yourself in a constant state of healing. This is the crucial link between the two, which opens you up to learning more about yourself, all the way to gaining a greater perspective on the things that have shaped the way you are. If you work on your holistic health in the same way someone with a green thumb might plant new seeds and pull out old weeds, you can return to a natural state of ease and equilibrium, otherwise known as a state of healing.

Prioritising Holistic Health and Healing

This state has a lot to do with soothing your mind and body through emotional regulation. An emotionally regulated person is able to identify specific emotions, respond appropriately to things that happen to them, while also having the ability to pause and decide on the best course of action to navigate any murky waters. By prioritising holistic health in your life, your wellness practice will allow you to practice each of these areas in a way that encourages emotional regulation. Coaching and therapy can also do wonders for this in the long run.

The Body as a Biocomputer

Our bodies are similar to biocomputers that are constantly seeking a state of equilibrium. In a fast-paced world that is focused on instant gratification and constant stimulation, it can be nearly impossible to achieve this state. By taking a step back and looking at the different aspects of holistic health that require a bit of work in your own life, you’ll not only be able to start healing more sustainably, but will also be empowered in a way that helps your body to return to equilibrium more regularly and help you bounce back quicker to the challenges in your daily life.

How Holistic Health Coaching Encourages Healing

Holistic health coaching is something I love to do because of how it encourages healing and growth over the long term. It helps you to become more self aware, to begin to heal some of the baggage that might be holding you back, and it gives you access to the right tools for the job too. There is no “one size fits all” approach to this type of coaching, which is why I create personalised plans for everybody I coach, based on their own needs at the time. These evolve as we go, and we recalibrate and retarget where necessary. If you’ve got the courage to go on a healing journey this year, I’d love to hear from you.