The Circle of Life Challenge: An End-of-Year Wellness Boost

We’re marching towards 2022 at lightning speed, and before we know it will be wrapping Christmas presents and starting to think about our new year’s intentions again. If you’re feeling some fatigue from the year, and are hoping to give your health and wellness a boost, the Hello Happiest. Circle of Life challenge is right around the corner, and has been designed to do just that.

Starting on November 1st, this challenge will focus on adding four essential wellbeing “slices” into your routine, in order to help you lead a happier day-to-day life. By tackling and adding one new slice weekly over the course of the month, your wellness practice will be grounded again, and you’ll have some time to rediscover bliss in your life as well.

Week 1: Happy Home

The challenge will kick off in the first week of the month with a focus on creating and maintaining a calm and happy home environment. You'll add on elements to enhance your space, by the end of the week you’ll have a renewed appreciation for your living space and everything that comes with making time to look after and show appreciation for the space.

Week 2: Movement Magic

No wellness challenge would be complete without an element of physical activity or exercise, and the Circle of Life challenge brings this into focus when week two rolls around. Moving your body is always going to be something that has physiological, mental and even spiritual benefits in the long run. You’re not going to be doing burpies as part of the challenge, promise! Taking care of your physical health properly means feeling good, and yoga or walks around the block can help with that in a major way. This challenge is going to be created for you by you, so how would you like to move?

Week 3: Joy and Fun

In week three, we’ll move into a space of finding new ways to have fun in your life. This means reintroducing joy into your daily routine, breaking habits that might be restricting the pleasurable moments of your life, and working into creating an appreciation for the little things in life again. You’re never too old to have a bit of fun, and with the right advice you’ll even be able to make it a regular part of your life again.

Week 4: Relax with Self Care

In the final week of the challenge, we’ll show you how to relax with some self care activities that are going to bring everything you have learned over the month into full view. Expect a calm week fueled by setting boundaries on your “me time”, exploration around which self care activities work for you, and some general tips that might make it easier to prioritse yourself across a busy week.

Armed with key knowledge of the four wellness areas highlighted by the Circle of Life challenge, you’ll be building momentum towards a sustainable practice without even having to change your routine all that much. Other slices to learn more about include creativity, finances, career, spirituality and four more. In the near future, I will be introducing a coaching program that entails all twelve of these areas, which I’d encourage anybody looking to gain a more holistic understanding of their health and wellbeing to sign up for.