The Best Yoga Apps To Try in 2022

The new year is right around the corner, and along with it may come an intention to start getting a little more serious about your yoga practice. You may even just want to get started for the first time, ticking something off that may have been on your to-do list for what has felt like a very long time. Although it’s always a good idea to consider a private class and direct instruction from an expert, you may want to build some confidence first by trying a yoga app to get the ball rolling. Today, we’ve got some of the best yoga apps you can try in 2022 right here.

What is a Yoga App?

Yoga apps are designed to help people of all expert levels to start, build and maintain a yoga practice that is tailored to their lifestyle. Traditionally in free and paid variations, these apps feature a range of instructional videos, tips & advice, as well as the opportunity to do a yoga session from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you. All of these apps were created with wellness in mind, and the ones on our list below take the cake in terms of some of the best options to explore once you’re ready to dive in.

Free Yoga Apps to Check Out

DoYogaWithMe has been a popular yoga app since it was first created back in 2008, offering high quality original yoga videos to help make learning different types as easy as possible. Their goal is to build a better society through yoga, which is never going to be considered a bad thing in our books. Another option to consider is Yoga for Beginners, which calls itself the top rated free yoga app in the industry. Their goals center around the combination of attaining a healthy mind-body balance; a connection that yoga explores at its core. Last but not least, the Down Dog App comes highly recommended because it lets you customize the overall experience, allowing you to choose anything from the level, music and even the voice instructing you through each yoga session.

Paid Yoga Apps Worth Considering

On the paid end of the spectrum, Gaia is worth exploring for sure. It aims to help people to expand their minds, nurture their bodies and elevate their souls through over 8000(!) ad-free yoga practices. Another option is Glo, which provides yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness classes to wellness enthusiasts of all fitness levels. Although it may be on the higher end of the pay scale, their classes tend to be geared towards very specific goals, which is useful for once you have a better sense of the areas you want to work on. Asana Rebel is good to check out if you’re just getting started with a healthier lifestyle, and with over 10 million users around the world, this fitness-inspired yoga app has already made a big mark on the industry.

Live Online Classes as an Alternative

If you’re someone who is interested in diving headfirst into a yoga practice with a personal instructor as the new year rolls around, we’ve also got you covered. If you’ve got the time, energy and confidence to give it a go, the best thing you can do is to find an instructor that is going to keep your body shape, fitness level and overall flexibility in mind right from the first time you work with them. Personally, I love guiding and offering personalised advice to any of my students, so if you’re keen to try a live class (in-person or online), feel free to get in touch and we can set something up that will get you settled into your yoga routine in no time at all.