The Best Holistic Health CBD Gummies and Related Wellness Products on the Market

CBD has been hot on the lips of wellness enthusiasts all over the world for some time now. Often given an automatic bad rap because of its illegal THC-based cousin marijuana, this legal compound is said to have many health benefits related to tackling anxiety and depression, assisting with reducing PTSD symptoms, pain management and so forth. I want to stress that the studies on this are fairly limited at this point, but the early signs suggest that it may play a bigger role in holistic health in future. If you’re thinking about incorporating CBD into your day, where is the best place to start? These four types of products will put you on your way and give you the freedom to choose something you enjoy too.

CBD Chocolate

It’s no secret that I absolutely love chocolate, so it’s only fitting to start our list with it. Getting the most out of the miracle non-psychoactive cannabidiol is easier when it’s coupled with something you know and love. Goodleaf is a good place to start your search for the best CBD chocolate products. The same goes for Takealot, who seems to be actively growing and diversifying their product range in the wellness space. Try a few options to find the best one for your taste, and voila!

Yummy Gummies

Gummies might be associated with children’s parties, but the right product can be a great energy booster even for adults. Instead of referring you to just one option, I’d suggest you give a few from Wellness Connect’s list of the best ones instead. I’m making it my mission to buy each of them over the course of the coming months to see which one works best for me. Tough job, I know! Here’s to hoping you also find the right fit for yourself soon.


CBD oil can be used in a wide range of different ways. It can be added to drinks, shakes, smoothies and even be consumed directly into the mouth. The CBD revolution actually began with oils, which are starting to become more and more popular in South Africa. Although I don’t have oodles of experience with them yet, try one of these brands and begin with exploring their effects on you, until reaching the best one for your preferences.

Skincare Products

CBD skincare products like topicals and creams are also well on the up these days, and in spite of the scientific research only just starting to scratch the surface of what cannabidiol can do in terms of helping with common illnesses like acne, there is a world of possibilities when it comes to how the right product may improve your holistic health. A good pampering session should always be on the cards after all. If you have any adverse reactions from doing so - or even feel slightly uneasy after consuming one of the other products mentioned here today - consult with a medical professional immediately, and remember not to buy a product with the same ingredients again in future.