The Benefits of Taking a Holistic Approach to Health

There’s a common misconception in the media and popular culture that a thin person is a healthy person. Although many people strive to look a certain way, mostly because of the images they saw growing up, a lot of times they are forgetting that good health is about more than just physical appearance. For this reason, taking a holistic approach to your health is a far more sustainable way to achieve balance in your life. We all have a lot going on beneath the surface of our skin, and while there are indicators that some people are better at taking care of their health than others, whether anybody is healthy on a holistic level requires taking a look at a couple of extra layers, that we’ll touch on here today.

What Is A Holistic Approach To Health?

Holistic health refers to approaching your wellbeing keeping your entire being in mind. This approach focuses on achieving balance through various different aspects of personal health, each of which has its own role to play in achieving a greater sense of joy and contentment. Once you understand that all of these have a role to play in a state of being unwell, it’s a lot easier to spend time and energy on working on the actual things that need to be worked on, rather than just taking care of one or two of the areas that seem like they make the most difference.

The Five Aspects of Personal Health

The five aspects of personal health that can help you start to think about your holistic health are physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. Holistic health requires taking steps towards nurturing and nourishing all of these aspects, in a way that gives you a greater sense of balance. Although it might be tempting to put a lot more energy into your physical health over and above the other four (especially because this can be tracked with a metric), the truth is that if one of these aspects are out of balance, the entire system is out of balance. Each should have equal weighting on your personal pathway to joy.

The Benefits of Holistic Health

By looking at more than just one or two areas of your health, you’re opening your world up to one of the biggest benefits that most people are out to achieve: balance. Each of the five aspects we mentioned feed into the other four, often in unexpected ways. By taking a more granular view of how these areas affect how you show up in a given day, you not only achieve greater self awareness, but you get to know yourself on an entirely new level. Over time, you’ll start to spot which areas might be causing you to dip, and from there you can gently navigate back to neutral ground.

Getting Started On Your Holistic Health Journey

If balance and wellbeing is what you’re after, a holistic approach to health might be the key to unlocking a lifestyle that compliments your individual needs. If this isn’t something that you’ve ever tried before, we're happy to help you get started on the journey. Hello Happiest offers holistic health coaching that taps into the aspects we mentioned and so much more. At the same time, it encourages exploring the area that might help you feel more fulfilled and joyful over the long run. Are you ready to get started on an exciting new chapter of your life? We’re happy to support you along the way.

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