Tackling the Three R's in 2022: Release, Responsibility & Rest

The year is fast starting to gain momentum. Hopefully, your recently set intentions for 2022 are doing the same. If you’ve found yourself stumbling a little bit, don’t be too hard on yourself. This might just be a part of that lingering COVID fatigue that is affecting many of us. It could also be related to having to jump straight back into your busy life after a very relaxing December. Gently navigating back to a good space means setting aside a bit of time to recenter yourself. Forget about creating a checklist. By tackling the “three R’s” — namely release, responsibility and rest — your wellness journey will be back on track in no time at all.

Release: What’s Holding You Back?

Start the process by thinking about the things that are holding you back right now. Are you getting enough sleep? Have you been dipping into food deliveries a bit much? Is it feeling impossible to make time for a creative activity? If you’re up to it, dig a little deeper and think about what’s holding you back in your broader wellness practice. The key is to release each of these by taking small steps. Get back into a good sleeping routine. Commit to cooking something fresh a few times a week. Find 20 minutes in your week to scribble, paint or listen to music. Release is a catalyst for recentering.

Responsibility: Active Decision Making

2022 is a good year to take responsibility for your quality of life. The only way to do so is through active decision making. Although I’m not encouraging spontaneous decisions that might be harmful to your holistic health, it’s worth getting clear about where you need to make decisions in your life. Is it time to find a new living space that better suits your needs? Do you need to set boundaries with a family member that has been overstepping recently? Is it finally time to tackle your credit card debt? Taking responsibility and being held accountable too is a good way to regroup and generate positive momentum in your life.

Rest: Boundaries on Bigger Breaks

The final “R” on the list is the ever important rest we all need. I’m not talking about just getting enough sleep in a day. Scheduling your vacations and the odd long weekend here upfront and early in the year is an act of self care, and a boundary that you’re communicating to your boss, clients or just family members that might monopolise your time on holiday. Scheduled breaks help to reduce stress, avoids burnout and gives you something exciting to plan and look forward to on harder days.

Working With the Three R’s and More

Just by reading this article, you’re already preparing yourself mentally to keep the momentum going relative to your new year's intentions. Stumbling is a natural part of the process. How you respond will end up making all the difference. In my capacity as a holistic health coach, I work with clients on the “three R”s” and much more. If you’d like to take your wellness routine to a new level, or just get a few questions answered, I’m happy to offer personalised advice during a one-on-one consultation. You’ll be feeling good and operating at your usual capacity again in no time at all.