Superfoods: An Introduction

Superfoods are all the rage these days, and with good reason. They are transforming the way that people think about what they’re putting into their bodies. Because of all the health benefits associated with them, more people are trying to find practical ways to incorporate them into their diets. I’ve been a fan of superfoods for a while, and particularly enjoyed incorporating them into the Hello Happiest. retreats in Cape Town in pre-COVID times. If you’re interested in learning more about what superfoods are, and how they can help you lead a healthier lifestyle, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know right here.

What are Superfoods?

A superfood is a food that is more nutrient dense than ordinary foods. These foods have a wide range of health benefits associated with them because of this, including that they are usually fairly low in calories. Superfoods contain large volumes of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and often a single superfood contains a combination of all three. They make following a healthy, balanced diet a little easier because they pack quite the punch relative to some of the other options out there.

Practical Examples & Superfood Benefits

There are many different kinds of superfoods, and in my experience it’s a good idea to explore your options to find what you like. Cacao is a superfood I bank on a lot in my diet, as it is great for energy, upping your mineral levels, and they induce happy hormones. Hemp is another great choice, especially if you’re after protein, iron, amino acids and vitamin E. It also provides healthy fats like omega-3 and GLA. Goji berries are an essential in my day, because they contain all nine essential acids and more. Maca can give you the energy boost you’re looking for, while also boosting your libido and encouraging good hormone health. Spirulina is a popular superfood because it is a complete protein, while also containing key minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients and enzymes.

Ideas To Incorporate Them To Your Diet

The easiest way to get started with incorporating superfoods into your diet is to make a daily nutritional superfood packed smoothie, ideally during the morning. You’ll not only form the habit of doing so quickly in the process, but it will give you a boost to help you tackle the rest of your day. Another way to incorporate superfoods into your diet is to set aside some “superfood snacks” like goji berry, hemp seed and cacao nib trail mix for when you get peckish. Cacao treats are a great substitute for conventional chocolate, and a cacao drink can also be a great coffee substitute. Start by substituting a cup a day, as cold turkey might not be the best way for sustainable change.

Learning More About Superfoods

If you’re curious to learn more about superfoods, I’ve got some resources that might help. First up is my Cacao Coffee Booster recipe, which is a hit with many first-time superfoodies who wanted something to gently ease themselves into the process. In the coming months, I’ll also be launching a food parcel eBook which contains a whole lot of nutritious recipe ideas to help make superfoods a staple in your diet. Adding superfoods to your diet can be a game changer, especially if you are exploring all the ways to get the most out of your time and energy levels. Start by getting curious about the ones you like, and the rest will follow from there. I’m here to answer any questions you have if you’d like to reach out along the way.