Online Holistic Health Coaching: The Basics

Holistic health contains so many different facets, that it can be hard to know where to begin your pursuit of it. If you’re a first-timer trying to live with more mindfulness and wellness, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional, like a coach, in order to kickstart the process. They will be able to help you go beyond just scratching the surface and help with establishing clear goals based on the areas that need more attention than others. These days, it’s possible to work remotely with someone online, which can be an efficient way to get started without having to wait for an in-person appointment. Let’s dive a little deeper into this. .

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic health coaches work to help create better overall health and wellness. They don’t simply focus on the physical (more superficial) approach to good health. The idea is to cover a range of different areas, from relationships to nutrition, spirituality and mental health, and so forth. Holistic health coaching offers a personalised experience to people based on their needs at the time. As these evolve and the needs of the clients change, a good coach will be able to tweak goals and encourage them to work on other areas in pursuit of greater balance in their lives.

The Rise of e-Learning

Although e-Learning dates back to as far as the early 90’s, online learning has only really started to take off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are plugged into and user to interacting over a Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams call and the idea of doing so had been largely popularised by the way video calls have integrated into the way we live and work. Online coaching is also starting to take off as a result. The process has become highly simplified thanks to advancements in technology, making it possible for people to be more selective about who they work with, with a range of options to choose from thanks to having access to specialists remotely.

A Portal for Group Coaching

Online holistic health coaching provides a platform that is perfect for individual sessions as well as doing so in groups. Whereas before it would be nearly impossible to bring people together into the same room - especially when people are scattered all over the world - it’s now possible to do holistic health coaching with a loved one without having to be in the same room. This can benefit couples, sibling pairs and larger families, no matter how big or small their goals might be.

Easy Access to Online Holistic Health Coaching

Very soon, we will be taking online holistic health coaching to another level by launching the Hello Happiest Lifestyle manager, a digital portal that is set to be the home of our interactive wellness courses in the future. The first course is specifically for groups of up to twelve, with participants working on individual pillars while following different online modules during the week, and touching base for a group coaching session at the start of a new one. If you’ve been wanting to take the plunge with holistic health coaching, this is your opportunity to do so. Grab a friend and get in touch, as I’d love to be a part of your journey to better holistic health.