How Yoga Classes Can Build On Your Fitness Goals

Different people come to yoga classes for different reasons. A runner might have different goals than a cyclist, and someone looking to get more flexible might have a different objective to someone more interested in the mindfulness aspect. Yoga makes people fitter (be it mentally, physically or spiritually) based on their individual goals. It is the perfect compliment to an already active lifestyle, especially when personalised goals have already been set. Here’s how yoga classes can help to build on these fitness goals, and why it’s a better idea to consider private classes if you’re looking for the best experience.

Using Yoga To Build A Fitness Routine

Yoga is a great addition to any existing fitness routine, but it can also be useful when it comes to establishing a routine for the first time. This is how I started my own yoga practice, which became a serious feature in my life after I decided that I wanted to make a bigger change to my greater health and happiness. Just like I did, you can start by setting yourself small fitness goals, with a leaning towards making yoga a priority in your schedule. Once you’re more comfortable with the routine over time, it’s possible to specialise in different types of yoga, in order to find the ones that tailor to your needs more specifically.

The Gym Temptation

You might be tempted to join a yoga class at the gym when you begin to hit your stride (so to speak), which is often an “easy” solution if you’re already working out at a club that offers classes on the side. The problem with these classes is that they are meant to cater to the masses, are not specialised based on the needs of the individual participants, and often discourage beginners from pursuing yoga, especially if classes are too advanced for their level. Here’s the deal. If your goal is x, a yoga instructor should be suggesting and helping you implement y to make it happen. This is exactly how I go about teaching my private classes, where the idea is to recommend the right yoga types and poses to help clients reach their goals in a realistic, sustainable, highly personalised way.

Starting With The Big Question

I do this by starting with one big question: what do you want to achieve? This sets an intention and gives us a “why” to refer back to along the way. It can also be a great way to get clear about your health and fitness goals, even if you’re starting from scratch. Once we know what you want to achieve, I use a combination of experience, knowledge and formal training to recommend the best course of action in order to get there. From there, the process starts to take shape, and begins to unfold as it was always meant to.

Personal Input To Compliment Your Goals

One of the best parts of my job as a yoga instructor is that I get to give specialised input to clients looking to get serious about their health and wellbeing. My approach is to take people through the foundations first, in order to create a solid base to work from. These foundations are tied to the individual strengths and limitations of my clients, in order for them to get the most out of the experience. If you’re finding that you’re just “moving around” in a gym class copying a yoga instructor, it might be time to consider an alternative. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my private classes (online and in-person in Cape Town, and how I can help make yoga one of the highlights of your week.