How To Turn Your House into a Wellness-Ready Home

Whether you’ve just moved into a new space, or you’re looking to spruce your house up a bit after spending so much time working from home since the pandemic started, you don’t need to start a major renovation project to transform it into a wellness-ready home. Using what you’ve got and equipping the space in a way that enhances your self care practice is one of the best ways to create momentum towards a sustainable wellness routine. I take so much pride in my living space for this very reason, and wanted to share a few things that have worked in terms of creating a sanctuary to come home to every day.

Creating a Healing Sanctuary

Changing things up at home, regardless of how much space you have to work with, starts by setting a goal to create a healing sanctuary for yourself. Once you’ve set this intention, you’ll be able to start exploring all the different ways it will be possible to make wellness enhances to the different rooms you have to work with. The key is to match these up with some of the things that bring you joy and to introduce objects that encourage activities that will help to “fill your cup” every day. Before you know it, you’ll have created a personal healing sanctuary that complements your long-term self care practice.

Space For Movement and Stretching in the Lounge

One of the easiest ways to get started with transforming your living space is to look at ways to encourage movement and stretching. Both of these will add a lot of value to your wellness practice. The lounge is a good place to try and make some space for this. Buy furniture that can be moved around (especially if you have a smaller space). Carve out an area for a yoga mat if you have room to do so. The living room is also a great place to incorporate plants, which clean the surrounding air and generally make any space feel more homely. I love plants so much that I’ll be writing an entire article on it soon!

Switching Things Up in the Kitchen

Encouraging your wellness practice in the kitchen doesn’t involve grabbing a sledgehammer and replacing the cupboards (if you don’t want it to). Begin by incorporating three to five healthy items into said cupboard space, which can be gently incorporated into your daily routine. I’m talking anything from tea, to sparkling water and protein powder. Try and make these something that will last very long, as although having fresh fruit and veg in the fridge is important too, you might feel a bit too much pressure to cook healthy meals every day, which could stall your progress over time.

A Wellness-Ready Bathroom & Bedroom

The bathroom is a great space for self care, because it’s simple to add a few knicknacks that can be gamechangers. From lemongrass burners to bath salts and bubble bath, the opportunities are endless. Even choosing a special soap that you like the smell of can make showering a happier experience every day. The same goes for the bedroom, where a scented candle or some incense can really transform the feel of the space. Start small, and build your way into making bigger changes as you explore what you like, and as your budget allows. Before you know it, you’ll be wanting to spend (almost) all of your time in your special, private sanctuary.