How to Set New Personal Development Goals When You Get Stuck

When life gives you a big wall to climb, how do you respond? If you’re usually an avid problem solver with an enthusiasm for overcoming your challenges, you’ll know all about how frustrating it can be when you get stuck on a problem. Hitting a wall time and time again can knock your confidence, hindering your ability to see the woods for the trees. You may even end up feeling stuck in general. Setting new personal development goals when this happens can help you navigate out of a bad situation, in a bid to keep going and find the joy in daily life yet again. Here’s how to go about doing so.

Reintroduce Flexibility

The first thing to do when you feel stuck is to reintroduce flexibility into your life. This means accepting things as they are, while not trying to force yourself out of the situation by doing what you’ve been doing so far. A return to flexibility offers an opportunity for you to explore and get curious once again. This will present new areas you want to work on without you having to spend too much time in an introspective state. You may even end up being able to add a few new goals to the list, one of which may even help with pulling you out of the mental headspace you’re in at the moment.

Tell Someone You’re Stuck

The next step to actioning these new goals is to talk to someone about how you’ve been feeling. A simple “I feel stuck” should do the trick, especially if you have a good relationship with the person you’re confiding in. Soundboarding is a powerful tool to not only present a different perspective — possibly putting new solutions on the table — but also to get a second opinion about the new personal development goals you want to work on. If we don’t do this, we could fall into a loop of internalising things, resulting in autopilot mode, which more often than not leads to trying the same things as before and staying stuck as a result.

Take Stock and Get Specific

Another way to clear a pathway to get yourself unstuck is to take stock of the things that are causing you to feel this way. Get specific about the root behind these issues, and consider whether your new personal development goal ideas are able to help you move away from these. If not, it may be worth brainstorming a few other ideas. You don’t have to spend excessive hours doing so. Set aside a couple of minutes in your day, find a quiet spot and grab the nearest pen and paper. By knowing the “facts” of what you’re working with, you can begin to make decisions that compliment your wellbeing again in no time.

Access Additional Support

I understand that it isn’t always possible to generate positive momentum or to set new goals on your own. Speaking to a professional can give you the boost you need to gently get back on track. If you are stuck as a result of poor nutrition, don’t be shy about booking a holistic health coaching session or consulting a dietitian. If movement is something you’ve been neglecting, grab a spot in a yoga class and speak to your instructor about encouraging you to keep showing up every week, in order to help get you out of the headspace you’ve been in. You can also sign up for the Hello Happiest Lifestyle Manager, which has been designed to offer extra support along with setting small, easy-to-action goals on a weekly basis. Pop me a message if you want to learn more.