How Self Care Groundwork Can Help You Embrace Every Birthday

I’m turning the big 3 0 this week, and as you can imagine, it’s been on my mind a lot. Many people have told me that the transition from your twenties to your thirties can be quite a daunting one, but on the contrary, I’ve been quite excited to enter into this new phase of my life. Why? Because it feels like the beginning of something special. Instead of trawling through articles about what I should be doing before I turn thirty, I’d like to read about everything I should (scratch that: want) to be doing after my thirties. Birthdays can bring up a lot of emotions for all of us, no matter how old we are turning, and this year I’ve had an attitude shift because of one simple thing. It feels like I’ve done the self care groundwork, which has cleared the path for me to embrace the new chapter in more ways than might have been possible previously.

Clearing Out The Clutter For The Next Year

It all started with a spring cleaning mission like none other. Both physically and emotionally. All through the “roaring twenties” (my personal reference to the confusing chaos that is this decade of our lives), I never gave myself permission to do this kind of living space detox. It felt incredible, and it’s the kind of tradition I’d like to work into every birthday if possible. Going into this new chapter of my life, my living space has never been sparklier, more covered in plants, and tranquil than it is now. As it stands, it isn’t just a zen-like space I enjoy being in. It’s one that I’m very, very proud of. I have also never communicated better or clearer and have never honoured my personal and professional boundaries as much as I do now. No matter what birthday you might be celebrating, clearing out the clutter at home and in your relationships might also give you an entirely new perspective on the year ahead, so give it a try.

Small Decisions Lead To Big Changes

Something as simple as buying yourself a nice plant to brighten up the space, or donating any items in your living space that don’t spark joy for you anymore, or saying no to a person on experience out of respect for you time and preference, can be a small decision that leads to big changes in attitude. There’s a sense of accomplishment attached to doing something for yourself, which in turn encourages other small decisions that may even lead to big changes in your life. These small decisions form the daily groundwork that will eventually allow you to shape the kind of life that you want. Our lives are essentially made up of a series of many small decisions, and making these year-round will give you a greater sense of confidence about any upcoming birthday, or new chapters on your horizon.

Giving Yourself Permission For Self Care

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy for self care to rank low on our list of day-to-day priorities. I found that in my early twenties, and before I started Hello Happiest, I rarely gave myself permission for self care. Like so many of us, I was also quick to consider the needs of others before tending to my own. It’s easy to get distracted by everything we have to juggle in our lives. By giving myself permission for self care, not only has my mental health benefited in major ways, but it’s changed the way that things show up in my life too. I’m more open to new opportunities, more flexible when it comes to the ebb & flow of life, and by ensuring that my own cup is full first, I’m able to better extend myself to the things that bring the most joy to my own life.

Embracing Your Next Birthday With Open Arms

No matter how many candles you’re putting on your birthday cake this year, I’d like to challenge you to think about the steps you can take in order for you to get into the right headspace for the year ahead. By doing small bits of self care along the way, you lay the path for more joy and happiness in your own life, and subsequently, you’ll find yourself living in the moment a little more too.

The world might be full of anxiety, fear and uncertainty at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make tending to our own needs a priority. On the contrary, doing makes navigating life slightly easier, especially as we’re not 100% in the clear just quite yet.

At the end of the day, the pandemic has also reminded us how fleeting life really is, and that we should be grateful for every day we get to go on this adventure called life. A birthday is a milestone and a celebration no matter what age you are, and if you can go into the next one with an open mind and heart, you’re already off to the races for a great year ahead.