How Holistic Health Coaching Contributes to Good Mental Health

Holistic health coaching can be transformative for anyone on a wellness journey. It elevates the concept of general life coaching to the point where it touches on highly specific areas relevant to the needs and goals of the person taking part of the process. I love playing a role in this with my clients, and have seen first hand how it helps to give their mental health a boost. Although I’m not here to offer medical advice or make active diagnoses around the very serious topic of mental health, I would like to share some of the related benefits based on working with people over the years.

1. It Fosters a Positive Mindset

Many wellness journeys start with combating negative self talk, which is otherwise a mood, productivity and confidence killer. A coach is able to reflect these negative thoughts back at you during sessions, bringing them to the surface based on what you’re saying. Being a soundboard might even help you see just how negative and critical your thoughts are. Holistic health coaching offers potential for a paradigm shift to better quality of thoughts, developing a positive mindset in a gentle and playful way along the process.

2. It Makes it Easier to Move to Appreciation, Excitement and Wonder

Developing a life of appreciation, excitement and wonder is a great gateway to living with joy. I try to keep this in mind whenever possible, starting from the beginning of my day. One thing Esther Hicks always says is that it only takes 17 seconds for your brain to gather momentum when you wake up. By practising the habit of moving into appreciation, excitement and wonder as you get up from bed every morning, that momentum carries over into your day and can be brought into coaching sessions to further solidify a positive mindset that combat poor mental health.

3. It Encourages Mindful Living through Meditation

Living more mindfully and staying in the present where possible is essential to curbing excessive anxiety where possible. In a more practical sense, working with a holistic health coach contributes to this too by teaching you about meditation and finding a way to incorporate it into your life specific to your schedule, capacity and individual circumstances. I love fine-tuning this with clients to help them find a practical fit. As with most wellness practices, there is no “one size fits all” solution and coaching helps to explore the best one for you over time.

4. It Makes “Changing States” Possible

“Changing States” is an important concept I love talking about to people. It involves spotting when you’re in a not-so-healthy flow, taking a pause, and breaking with where you are. I mean this in the physical sense in particular, as even just changing your position, moving to a different physical space or doing a new activity can curb the repetition of staying stuck in the same state. Coaching helps with increasing your self-awareness to make spotting a dip easier. The result is working on a feedback loop that doesn’t repeat itself, it breaks the momentum related to negative thoughts and ultimately gives your mental health a boost too.

5. It Brings Curious Reflection into the Fold

I’m not sure where I would be in my life without curious reflection (and frankly, curious living as a whole). Holistic health coaching brings both into the fold, counters the ego’s need to stay comfortable at all times and provides an avenue for you to watch your thoughts, decide what you want to do and spring into action. Curious reflection also encourages taking stock of your relationships, exploring your creativity and generally living a life of greater flexibility. My coaching sessions encourage all three facets as well, in fact. Get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more about how we can work together to contribute to your good mental health.