How Good Food Choices Positively Affect Your Health

Making good food choices can be difficult, especially with so many options available. The pandemic has also made ordering takeout easier than ever, and even online grocery shopping comes with its own temptations around some of the more unhealthy food that should be exclusive to treating yourself. Making good food choices is a little bit easier when you know exactly how these choices positively affect your health. Today, I’d like to touch on the ways it can change your life, in order to encourage you to think twice before you automate your grocery shop for next week.

Promoting Positive Sleeping Patterns

Good food choices help with maintaining healthy sleeping patterns. Our bodies respond almost immediately to large volumes of unhealthy food, or high doses of sugar, which can make it nearly impossible to fall asleep at a set time. Even just making sure you have a healthy meal for dinner to begin with can be a game changer relative to sleep. This trickles down to cutting off coffee before the afternoon, and not indulging in fizzy drinks too close to when you go to bed.

Reducing Risks Related to Serious Health Problems

Research suggests that eating well can have a series of health benefits that might not be important today, but will matter as you age. This includes reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, anemia and some types of cancer. Chronic illness sufferers have even more of a responsibility to make good food choices, so as to not aggravate the more debilitating side-effects of medication. Eating well (as an act of self care) can improve self esteem in this case, too.

Improved Mood & Memory

All of us go through mood dips as part of the ebb and flow of life. Our moods are directly linked to our mental health, and smart food choices can offer improved mood and memory improvements over time. Certain foods are more prone to either, so it’s worth exploring different options to try. I’m not talking about reaching for the Chuckles every time you feel a little out of sorts (even though I encourage this in moderation!) — there are countless other options that will make you feel even better over a sustained period of time.

Giving You The Energy Your Body Needs

Last but not least, good food choices are able to give you the energy your body needs. This is crucial in terms of getting to everything you need to on a given day, and to how you go about doing so. It’s one thing to work through a checklist, and another thing entirely to have the energy to do it with a positive attitude. The right food choices can help with both, generally making you a nicer person to be around, and encouraging bonding and connection along the way.

If you need advice on the types of foods that positively affect your health, a holistic health coaching session with me could be a good way to go. A little bit of advice can go a long way to putting you on the road towards making healthy choices, which in the long run will greatly benefit your quality of life.