Healthy Ways To Celebrate Reaching Your Wellness Milestones

Whether big or small wins, we should all be celebrating reaching any of our wellness milestones. Although you might be tempted to turn to the takeout menu when this happens (and it’s totally fine from time to time!), developing healthy alternatives to celebrate might make all the difference to continuing the good momentum as you move onto your next goal. Today, I’d like to touch on some of the healthier ways to celebrate reaching your wellness milestones, each of which helps with feeding into other areas of your overall wellbeing.

Schedule a Dinner Party With Loved Ones

The pandemic has made us all a little more socially reclusive, so rewarding yourself with some human interaction — especially with friends and family — can be a great way to celebrate reaching your goals. Throw a dinner party (if it's safe to do so COVID-wise) in honour of you reaching one or more of your goals, where you invite everyone with the premise that there will be open discussion about your healthy journey. Your loved ones are closest to you, and may even be able to tell you about some of your blind spots, or areas where you might be pushing a little too hard.

Plan an Overnight Trip in Nature

Another way to celebrate in a healthy way is to plan a short getaway somewhere near nature or beautiful scenery. If your budget is a little tight, you could even just make a short trip somewhere nearby to watch the sunrise or sunset. The idea is to connect with nature, which will help to ground you, slow things down and refill your cup. An overnight trip also helps you to break your routine a little bit, giving you strength and energy to get back to your wellness practice after you get back home again.

Treat Yourself to the Tools for a Creative Hobby

Treating yourself with food or alcohol is not practical in the long term. Deciding to treat yourself by dusting off those tools in the drawer that you bought to start a creative hobby (and carving out time to use them) is a more practical alternative. If you don’t have any of the tools, it’s easier than ever to hop online and buy paint brushes, pens, pencils or whatever you need based on a creative hobby that interests you. You may even start incorporating the hobby into your wellbeing practice moving forward, adding an extra tool to your arsenal in the process.

Schedule a Coaching Session To Build More Momentum

Last but not least, a coaching session can be the perfect way to thank yourself for the dedication and discipline it took to achieve your wellness milestone. The session will help to ground your practice, get you to stop and reflect on how far you’ve come, and could even open up new avenues for you to explore. A remote session while sitting in nature on a weekend breakaway sounds pretty damn good to me. You’ll be on your way to the next phase of your journey in no time at all.