Good Food Friday: These Timeless Snacks Are Built To Last

Fridays are traditionally days when healthy meal plans have the best chance of falling by the wayside, usually because people are tired from the week, or the lure of a takeout food delivery is too hard to resist. A bit of indulgence from time to time is most welcome, but the key to building sustainable food habits includes thinking about how to make healthy snacks that will tide you over going into the weekend even if you made them on Monday. If these snacks are able to “stand the test of time” in the fridge or the cupboard, you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on labels or keeping track of when you bought what. Here are some ideas around activating the inner food saver in you, while getting to enjoy delicious snacks that are built to last.

Igniting Your Inner Food Saver

In terms of leading a sustainability-friendly life, food preservation can go a long way to reduce weekly waste in the household. It can also open up your world to the incredible range of options available when you’re looking at snacks and meals that are easy to throw together and even easier to store. If you’ve got an interest in healthy eating, and are beginning to explore the ways that a good diet can complement your overall wellbeing, chances are that you’ve already got a bit of a food saver mentality in you. If this is the case, now is as good a time as ever to introduce you to some healthy snacks that will stand the test of time.

Delicious Snacks That Last

One of the most timeless snacks that won’t have you staring at expiry dates is a combination of oats, nuts, seeds, mixed dried berries and more. Depending on what you enjoy most, you could try a host of different combinations that might tantalise your tastebuds, or even just consume these on their own when you’re feeling peckish. A date ball is another easy-to-preserve option to consider. I’ve even gone as far as to refer to them as bliss balls in my day-to-day. It’s also worth exploring some of the simple truth snacks from Checkers, which are gaining popularity in a major way. These are easy to store, they taste amazing, and they are affordable enough to work them into your budget without having to scrimp at the end of the month.

Pickle Me This

It’s possible that I’m a bigger pickle fan than the average person, but frankly speaking, it is one of the easiest snacks to keep around. Pickles not only taste great, but also come with a series of health benefits you might not even be aware of. From aiding good digestion, to the antioxidant boost it can give your immune system, pickles can be a contributor to helping you feel your best every day. They are very unique in the sense that they are botanically classified as a fruit, vegetable and berry all at the same time. Try telling your doctor this at your next checkup when they ask how many of the “five a day” you’re eating.

A Good Food Personal Favourite

Once you’re pickled out, another timeless snack you can try is my bliss bar recipe which you can find in the foodie parcel, which is designed to give you an energy boost while also providing nourishment to your body in more ways than a chocolate bar would. I always recommend bliss bars to people looking for something they can store for a while and grab “on the go”. Because these can be frozen in batches, it’s possible to defrost and eat them at your own pace. In an airtight container, you’ll be able to get away with them tasting fresh for at least a week too. If you’re curious about other healthy snacks and meals that can help compliment a busy lifestyle, check out the Hello Happiest. food parcel on the website for more delicious options you can explore.