Forget Being "Beach Body Ready" — How To *Feel* Your Best Come Spring & Summer

Every year around this time, the world prepares to be bombarded with marketing messaging centered around being “bikini” or “beach body ready” for Spring, but in particular for Summer. These stereotypical terms have been around since the early 1960’s, when a company called Slenderella International referred to them in a weight loss campaign that got a lot of attention at the time.

But what if we thought about these terms a little differently all these years later? It may well be worth far more for those of us on a personal development journey to figure out how to feel our best as the seasons begin to change instead. This helps to promote a sustainable wellbeing practice, and isn’t centered around what the media (or social media) projects in order for us to find validation from external sources. Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic today.

Spring is Here, Summer is Coming

Spring has arrived, and with the weather changing many people are planning on “getting back out there” (especially in a post-vaccination world) with a trip to the coast over December. Like so many others, you might have been relatively sedentary since COVID-19 came about, so cut yourself some slack if you aren’t feeling good about your fitness level. Try not to make comparisons to others, especially photoshopped celebrities, as this is a surefire way to put a damper on your self esteem. Current comparisons aside, it’s also a bad idea to pull out photographs of yourself from ten years ago (especially those on Facebook memories) which may present an illusion of happiness, and in comparing your older self to that person makes it easy to forget how far you’ve come since then too.

Making a Simple Energetic Shift

If you’re ditching the comparisons and excited about feeling your best heading into the last two seasons of the year, start by tuning into the way you want to feel. This energetic shift will lay the foundation for how you set about getting there, and will get you thinking about ideas to help you get there. A series of short meditations (or journaling sessions) on the topic can be useful as well. In doing so, you invite the Law of Attraction into your life. This New Thought philosophy dates back to almost 150 years ago, and is a powerful tool to manifest your thoughts into your life. Try not to just focus on your physical body, opting for holistic health as the end goal to give you a well rounded experience of wellbeing instead. This is taking the path of least resistance, which is something I always encourage clients to do when they’re making changes in their lives.

Tapping Into The Right Things

Albert Einstein boldly said that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. This powerful statement suggests that it’s only by changing the way we’ve been going about things that we can bring about real solutions and change. If you’ve been focusing on what you don’t have, turn things on its head by shifting to what you do have. Use that to combat negative self-talk and build momentum for the journey towards feeling your best. Forget conventional standards of external beauty, and turn your attention to the internal aspects of yourself that bring joy and wellbeing into your life.

An Extra Boost For Feeling Your Best

I’ll admit that the process takes time, patience and persistence. It may even be a good idea to get a bit of extra help away, especially if you’re unsure about the specifics that will play to your own strengths in the process of feeling your best. If you just need someone to help you stay accountable, or a bit of extra motivation, a holistic health coaching session will add another layer of support to getting to your goals. The result will be transformative not only in terms of how you see yourself, but to how you feel overall, and how you use that momentum to bring about the best possible quality of life based on your individual needs and wants.