Food Delivery: Tips For Making Healthier Choices

Keen to continue the good momentum on your healthy food journey? Wonderful! There certainly are plenty of temptations around — and even though it’s worth treating yourself from time to time — you don’t want to fall into the trap of ordering unhealthy food out of habit. This can happen quite quickly, simply because it’s easy and convenient to do so, and especially after getting used to it during lockdown. Now that everybody delivers (from supermarkets to all different kinds of restaurants), it’s worth keeping the following in mind in order to keep making smart and healthy decisions whenever you decide to go this route.

The Trouble With Ordering Online Grocery Deliveries

It’s amazing to be able to order your weekly shop online, and during a global pandemic this was a safe and wise choice. As life slowly starts to return to normal, it’s worth trying to find a healthy balance between online ordering and visiting the supermarket in person. The trouble with always banking on online deliveries is that the apps are designed to get you to succumb to temptation, and to spend as much as you can. Deals are usually subject to the specific aisle you’re in at the physical supermarket, whereas with an online app it is thrown at you from as soon as you tap to open it. This can make temptations difficult to avoid, especially on days when your willpower is dwindling just a little bit.

Being Prepared When You Order Online

The key to avoiding temptation spending is to always be prepared with a shopping list before you order online. Have your list, stick to it, and book and pay for only that. It might be tempting to place an order as quickly as possible, and the “reorder” button could have you impulse buying something unhealthy over and over again. Approach grocery shopping with intention and carve out enough time for your weekly shop. Having a list of what you’re looking for (or better yet, knowing which dishes you’re going to make) can make it a quick and effortless experience. You also gradually learn to trust yourself more to make smarter food choices as a result of prioritising the food that you put into your body every week.

Advice For “Old School” Shopping

If you do decide to return to full-time in-store shopping once the pandemic is over, there are a couple of ways to help you make better food decisions when doing so. The first is to never shop hungry! This is an easy way to have you reaching for the three-for-one Simba chips special (or any other carbs that might curb the hungry feeling quickly for a short period of time). A way to turn this on its head is to buy snacks during your weekly shop that you can have before you go shopping the week after. If you’re still feeling a bit indulgent but want to make healthier food choices, a general good rule is to stick to the outside aisles, which normally contains all the fresh, unprocessed food.

Build Momentum With Some Extra Help

Whether you’re “ordering in” or heading out to the supermarket for your next meal or meals, knowing a few of the ways to encourage good discipline can be a revelation when it comes to your health and wellbeing journey. It can help you make better choices more sustainably, which will affect other areas of your life as well. A little bit of extra help could be great to get you there as well. Consider a holistic health coaching session too, which will help you to maintain your good momentum. When you sign up for a session with me, you also get a free “shopping like a health pro” guide, offering even more tips to help you flourish with food. You’ll be in control of your food choices (and your grocery budget) before you know it.