Flexibility for Flavour: How to Break a Lifeless Food Routine

If you’re starting to feel a bit bored with your food routine, you’re not alone. Even the healthiest of eaters go through phases where things get a little stagnant, perhaps because of following the same meal types or actual meals for an extended period of time without giving it too much thought. Auto-pilot mode can be great for discipline, but it may adversely affect the sustainability of your wellness practice if it isn’t nipped in the bud from time to time. So what are the steps to take to rejig your eating habits? Let’s explore what’s worked for me in the past a bit today.

Pausing and Changing Your Perspective

The first step to changing up a lifeless food routine is to pause and change your mindset about your meals. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to drastically change what you’re doing already. You only need to introduce some more flexibility into your food choices, in a bid to elevate some of the dishes that have become staples in your life. I like to eat a lot of vegetables, for example, and have found over the years that adding some goats cheese with different types, or even doing so for a salad, is a great way to turn a potentially drab meal into something a little more fab.

Rethinking Eggs

Introducing flexibility into your eating routine to rejuvenate it can be as simple as rethinking the beloved, good old fashioned egg. Adding a poached egg to your breakfast is not only nutritious and delicious, but is also one of the easiest ways to cook this great source of protein. You can do so across any of your meals in the day. If you’re used to having eggs as part of one of your meals, try to switch up the way that you cook it from time to time. Alternating from one way to the other gives you the same nutritional value, while keeping things interesting and experimenting with different textures from one day to the next.

Sourdough for Versatility

I can’t get enough of throwing together quick healthy lunches, which are simple to do with a little bit of preparation. I find that the best way to encourage me to create different options is to have a staple to bank on and to work from there. Sourdough is something I’ve started making a real splash about. Finding a good quality sourdough is the gateway to creating a mix of delicious meals. From sandwiches to soup, or just a delicious side for dinner, it is a versatile “gift that keeps on giving”.

Flexibility First

Breaking a dwindling food routine is as simple as adopting a mindset of flexibility first, with a world of flavour following on from there. I encourage myself to keep exploring by adding yummy flavoured protein powders into traditional recipes. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you might especially enjoy the vanilla and strawberry flavours. Add them into a smoothie or use them in a baking recipe. The result is something healthy and unique, keeping you motivated to keep making smart wellness decisions heading into the future. Enjoy the ride!