Embracing Surprises and Surrendering to Life

A few views offered to you for an uplifted perspective...

Life is in a constant state of unfolding.

We are here to master the art of allowing, it's an art that can be refined.

We can embrace, rather than resist surprises along the way. As we change our relative perspective, so too do the surprises change.

We can develop our sense of surrendering to the experiences that show up for us.

As Life happens for us, not to us, to help us evolve in the way we think, feel and react.

The more we surrender to this constant ebb and flow of allowing what we want and embracing what we don't want as a means to upgrade how we think, feel and react, the more we master the art of living.

By incorporating these ideas into the way we live, it’s possible to find a state of ease in the way we view and respond to our world. This can but only improve our self-awareness and build momentum for a holistic health practice and happy life.

Below, I discuss each of these ideas individually, they have been crucial to my state of happiness and wellbeing, and may this paradigm bring about big shifts for your bigger picture too.

Viewing Life as an Unfolding

Contrary to what we are told when we are young, there is no wrong or right way to live. The paradigm that we all have unique experiences, backgrounds, areas to grow and a different outlook on the world based on how and where we were raised, it’s easier to begin to see life for the journey it is. And the journey is colourful! And we're all immersing in different colours! There is no “one size fits all” way to find success, in spite of the societal idea that there are specific boxes to tick by specific ages. If you open yourself up to seeing your pathway through life as a constant state of unfolding, a unique unfolding for you. This unfolding is equipped with daily experiences offered to you as lessons, using each experience to learn higher way of thinking, feeling, being, you will learn and grow at a steady pace, and get to define what success, abundance and fulfilment look like to you.

Reflect on Recent Changes in your Life

By being open to good and bad surprises in our lives, and feeling secure in our ability to deal well with them either way, it becomes a little easier to be out in the world. Good surprises will always spark joy, connect us with others, and generally bring more abundance into our lives. Bad surprises are inevitable, have to be dealt with, and can be dealt with. If you work on the belief that you will be able to handle anything that life throws at you, even if that means getting extra help (like from a coach, counsellor or therapist), you’ll be able to reduce anxiety and stress in your life, and live in a way that’s more open to change that might take your life in an entirely new direction. A question I always ask myself is, 'What gift could there be in this experience for me for me to grow?'

Surrendering To The Experience

Seeing life as an unfolding and embracing surprises requires a science of surrendering to the experience of being alive. By understanding that we have very little control over the things that happen to us during our lifetimes, it’s easier to start to see the world for what it is. Letting go of control and an idea of a “perfect” or constantly happy life towards acceptance, and letting things be what they are, but rather focusing on reaching for better feelings and thoughts towards the experiences, is the first tool you start to play with. This can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth, which is useful along all stages of life. You can't control the experiences themselves, but you can control how you feel about, think of and react to them.

A Deeper Understanding: The Art of Allowing

I’d like to leave you with some resources from Esther Hicks, someone who is renowned for supporting people along their journey to better wellbeing. She offers a deeper explanation of this kind of thinking, with a foundation in an idea called “The Art of Allowing”. It centers around learning how to navigate what she calls the stream of life, and touches on the idea that we can be upstream or downstream as a result of our own thoughts. The latter has to do with letting go, incorporating fun and finding ways to enjoy the moment we’re in. By staying present, we’re able to find greater peace and comfort in our lives, which will always be somewhat murky to contend with, and is challenging to all 8.8 billion of us.