Brrr! Quick Food Options to Try for Mealtime in Winter

Cooking when it's cold can be a real challenge! Especially during what feels like one of the coldest winters in quite some time. Although it’s tempting to hop on an app and get some takeaway delivered, striking a healthy balance means throwing together some hearty meals to keep everyone in the house both warm and healthy during the colder months. Like me, you probably also don’t want to spend hours in front of the stove during the week. The following food options are quick, easy and a great way to maintain your healthy habits from one day to the next.

“One Pot Wonders”

I’m always up for a “one pot wonder”, aka a meal that can be done in a single pot with minimal fuss and typically taking less than 60 minutes. There are oodles of options online in terms of easy-to-do meals, including crispy chicken spaghetti, veggie pasta (with some flavoured goats cheese a must), or even some fish-based dishes for a protein boost. A slow cooker can also be useful in creating a wintertime meal to warm up the body, although naturally, the process will take a little longer. Try the one pot approach during the week, with a slow cooker dish on a Sunday when you have a bit more time.

Mixed Veggie Dhal Soup

One of my long-time favourite dishes to tell people about is a Mixed Veggie Dhal Soup, which always warms me up when the cold gets me down. Soup in general is an easy meal to throw together, possible to make with a single pot too like the ideas we mentioned earlier. For this particular recipe, you only need a few ingredients and to follow a couple of simple steps. A dash of lemon juice towards the end with a quick bit of rice on the side rounds of a meal that will have everyone digging into seconds before you know it.

A Hearty, Warm Salad

People don’t often associate salads with winter, but a hearty, warm one can do the trick for a quick meal to make you feel your best during the colder months. Adding some quinoa, roasted tomatoes, spinach/broccoli/greens, walnuts or goats cheese can help to add extra punch to these salads, allowing them to burst with flavour and giving you room to experiment with what you like the most. Needless to say, buying the ingredients will take longer than actually throwing this meal together.

Avo on Toast with a Warm Side

A final quick food option you can explore during winter is some avo on toast with a warm side, ideally some roasted or steamed veggies. Although avos will take longer to ripen in the cold, you can speed up the process by putting them in a paper bag and placing the bag in the (always switched off!) oven. In a day or two they should be good to go, ready to put on some wholewheat or rye toast. With a small microwave steamer in hand and pre-cut veggies in the fridge, you won’t end up spending too long in the kitchen. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the avo and voila, a hot lunch is served! Enjoy!