BARRE Yoga: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve done a yoga class with me in the last year, you’ll know something about BARRE and the fact that I’ve recently introduced it into my classes. Seeing the way it enhanced the experience of my students in the city, I’ve started exploring bringing the concept into the bush as well. Being out in nature provides the perfect setting to ground yourself, stay in the present and reconnect with your wellness routine. BARRE in the Bush (as I’ve affectionately dubbed it) can elevate this with an endorphin boost that will last all the way through to when you’re around a braai later in the day.

What is BARRE Yoga?

If you’re a first timer to BARRE, I’m happy to give a bit of context as to what it is. As a standalone exercise class, BARRE combines elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to provide low-impact, high intensity movements to strengthen the body in a more holistic way than doing any of the three on their own. My BARRE classes are designed to be a hybrid between a traditional yoga flow with BARRE elements blended in. I also like to personalise the classes to meet the needs and expectations of my students, rather than creating a blanket class that is meant to tick the boxes for everyone.

A Quick Breakdown of BARRE in the Bush

BARRE in the Bush is something I’m so excited to begin to explore more across game reserves in South Africa. The class takes place in the quiet, serene landscape of the bush, ideally at sunrise, sunset or even at night. The session combines yoga poses with weights on the arms and legs to provide an experience joining toning with an elevated heart rate. It starts with a 20 minute yoga warm up, followed by 20 minutes of BARRE (covering the arms, legs, full body and core) and a 20 minute slower yoga stretch to help with cooling down.

The Flow of the Class

Although the class has three very specific blocks, it’s useful to understand its flow at a more fundamental level to set the right expectations. Unlike my non-BARRE classes, the flow of this particular class is slightly fast and more upbeat. The music you’ll hear will generally be uptempo to encourage you to move. The weights naturally make the workout a little bit harder than a traditional yoga class. A couple of sessions in you’ll hit your groove, while looking and feeling your best during your bush breakaway.

The Importance of Trying New Things

If it sounds a little daunting to step up your yoga practice but you’re excited about the prospect, you’re ready to try BARRE in the Bush. It’s so important to try new things as part of your wellness routine, not only in a bid to keep challenging yourself, but also to keep things interesting and more sustainable. If you’ve got any questions about the classes, or how you can go about doing a couple of these the next time you’re in the bush, pop me a WhatsApp or email. I look forward to giving you an incredible, unique experience that you won’t soon forget.