An Easy Alternative: Breaking The Takeout Food Habit

Oh takeout food, the surprising staple. The pandemic has made the pull of food delivery all the more alluring, especially because it’s easier than ever to order a meal from the comfort of our own couches. You might have started to feel the junk food fatigue a little bit in recent weeks, and are keen to start exploring alternatives as we adjust to the second year of COVID-19. It’s time to accept that the “new normal” simply is normal now, so if we’re going to make sure we’re nourishing our bodies sufficiently, we need a way to gently navigate away from the takeaway slump. We’ve got a great alternative for you here that will help you to get off on the right foot.

1The Rise of Food Delivery

Nobody could have imagined that the world would go into lockdown in March of 2020, and that most of us would have to start relying on food deliveries for our weekly shop and our meals. Food delivery has seen exponential gains all over the world as a result, leading to many people falling into the rut of consistently ordering out, rather than cooking a meal at home. We’re certainly not pointing the finger here, as it was a very difficult and uncertain time. The idea is to start gently navigating away from assuming that delivery should be the go to, and banking on a greasy meal just because it’s quick and convenient. Our bodies (and overall health) deserve a lot more than this, especially now.

Not Getting Into The Habit of Ordering Fast Food

You may be one of those people who had a regular, once a week food delivery before the pandemic struck. This might have been something you looked forward to at the end of a long week, and even planned with a partner or family member. The lockdown meant that this went totally out of the window, resulting in more frequent orders with a lot less planning. The result of this is getting into the habit of considering fast food as an option for dinner each night. Eventually your budget starts to reflect the more frequent purchases. Your mental health takes a knock as a result of this, which in turn makes it harder to think clearly about making alternative decisions for your own good health.

The Healthy Food Alternative: Prepping Meals

Luckily, there is an easy way out of this: meal planning. Start by putting aside a little bit of time once a week to prep your meals. A little bit of general planning can go a long way, and if you carve out an hour or two to cook when you’re feeling rested and relaxed (rather than doing so in-between meetings on a Monday morning), you’ll end up enjoying the process as well. Better yet, there will be something in your freezer for the days when you really don’t feel like cooking, and you’d like something quick and easy. Have some healthy snacks and treats on hand too for this moment, to help avoid the temptation of simply hitting “reorder” on your favourite food delivery app right then and there.

Supporting Sustainable Food Places

It’s not about never ordering takeout food again. On the contrary, it’s important to give ourselves the freedom to enjoy the things we love… in moderation. When you’re back in balanced waters, you may also want to start thinking about how you can support sustainable food delivery companies and restaurants for your next big order. This is a tiny way to help make a contribution back to the environment, even if it just comes to supporting a business that has decided to toss out their plastic straws for good. Over time, these small decisions lead to major shifts, both personally and in the world around us. So what’s for dinner tonight?