Amplifying Your Wellness Routine Beyond Yoga

The new year has arrived, and alongside setting new intentions for the coming twelve months, you might be keen on exploring different ways to amplify your existing wellness routine. Perhaps you’ve fallen into a schedule that feels a bit repetitive or monotonous, or you simply want to see what you can do to take things up a notch beyond just doing yoga. The good news is that there are other types of exercises you can include directly into your yoga routine, changing things up completely and breathing new life into your health and wellness momentum going into 2022. Let’s dive straight in!

Continuing With Your Established Yoga Routine

Changing up your wellness routine shouldn’t necessarily mean doing away with your established practice. The fact that it may be feeling like it is a bit monotonous might have more to do with how much easier it has become to do the things you weren’t able to do when you first started. It might just be time to take things up a level, or to explore working out different parts of your body. Making some changes is not a process of starting over. Keep going with the yoga routine you have in place, but start to consider making some changes to dial up the intensity somewhat, in order for you to follow the natural progression from your discipline and dedication.

Incorporating New Elements

Amplifying your yoga practice (and subsequent wellness routing) should get you thinking about the new elements you can incorporate into each session. Rather than just choosing a different type of yoga altogether, explore what you can introduce into the flow to change things up a little. Personally, I introduce BARRE training into my yoga routine, as it is a way to intensify the experience, all the while still giving me the same benefits from a traditional hour of yoga. I’ve been exploring this throughout this year, and am happy to be able to share a bit of how it works with you today.

Going Beyond Yoga with BARRE Training

BARRE is a form of exercise that is usually done in group classes or gyms, but with a bit of practice, it can definitely be done alone. The idea behind it is to incorporate distinctive ballet movements into the yoga session, in order to extend the intensity of the workout. This type of exercise pulls from more than just ballet, and also contains forms of Pilates and of course yoga itself. Low impact and high intensity, it helps with strengthening the body (the core in particular), improving balance and making you more flexible along the way.

Explore More Ways to Dial Up Your Wellness

If you’re wondering how to go about adding it into your yoga practice, I will be incorporating BARRE into the yoga classes I teach in 2022. I will also be sharing more about it on social media, so you can learn more about it gradually, and incorporate it at your own pace. There are many more ways to take your wellness routine to the next level, beyond just switching up your yoga routine. If you would like to discuss this a little more in depth, let’s schedule a holistic health coaching session and I’ll be able to suggest ways of doing so based on your specific needs, skill level, goals and intentions for 2022.