A Renewed Perspective: Short Lessons From My Breakaway to Mozambique

Whether you’ve seen the video above on the Hello Happiest. Instagram recently, or you’ve just watched it for the first time, you’re probably equally hypnotised by the breathtaking scenery of the Mozambican coastline. The clip includes a snippet of what I call the official theme song to my recent visit there (The Oliver remix of “Electric Love” by BØRNS), which is just as intoxicating as the vibe and energy of the region itself. Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head all day today!

The trip was one of my first post-pandemic, post-”hunkering down” visits outside of South Africa and it brought about a renewed perspective on my life, and the importance of travel to a happy and fulfilled life. I’m happy to share a few of the key takeaways with you here today, and hope they will inspire you to get online and finalise that long-delayed journey to a bucket list destination too.

Travel Leads To New Experiences

...which essentially leads to new perspectives. A change in our perspective on the world brings about brand new insights about who we are, what we enjoy, and where our lives are heading. If you’re feeling uninspired, or you’re looking for a fresh outlook on the world thanks to being stuck, the best thing you can do for yourself is to book that week(end) away you’ve been eyeing on your calendar all year. Say yes to adventure, and you’re bound to return feeling altogether refreshed and rejuvenated.

Remembering The Power of Nature

Nothing grounds us in the way that exposure to nature can. Waking up to birds twittering outside the window, going for a quick dip in the sea, or simply taking a minute to put your feet in the sand (or grass) can reintroduce us to the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that are part and parcel to the best of the natural world. This type of exposure helps to restore a clearer frame of mind, removing the murkiness around the big decisions life asks of us so regularly.

Give Yourself Permission To Have Fun

Personal development can sometimes feel like a lot of work, but a key component that we’re quick to ignore is remembering to have fun along the way! The more we give ourselves permission to let our hair down and enjoy life, the more room opens up for creative inspiration, fresh insights and surprising new sources of joy. This adds meaning to our lives and offers uplifting experiences that can inspire positivity in the people around us too.

The Little Things Matter

When we’re traveling and out of the usual routine, we have extra mental capacity to pause and reflect on the little things in life, and why they matter. We can deduce so much joy from realising how astonishing it is that we get to be a part of the world in this present moment. Stop to smell the roses, buy that expensive item, take that morning dip in the sea, put on the red lipstick, or just begin by taking action and booking the trip! You will have something to look forward to right away, and positive momentum will slowly start to build, leading to a new chapter of your own life story.