A Healthy Morning Ritual for the two of you

Starting a morning ritual as a couple is easy. Starting a healthy morning ritual as a couple is a little more complicated. Couples usually fall into a rhythm quite quickly once they start living together, and often this involves late night Netflix sessions that end with both parties hitting the snooze button a few times (and rushing to start work every day). So how can you go about starting a healthy morning ritual with your partner? If you’re both committed to the process, set a formal bedtime and use this five week plan to hit your groove as a team.

Week 1: Lemon or Lime Water

Each couple has one party that is more of a morning person. It should already be obvious who that is, but if both of you aren’t, it’s worth alternating the first task of the plan from day to day. The first person that gets up should boil the kettle, and make a lemon or lime water (using half of either) for both to share in bed.

Week 2: Adding Mindfulness Into The Mix

Now that you’re both waking up consistently (thank you bedtime!) and your lemon/lime water habit is good to go, add five minutes of mindfulness in while you’re both sipping on your hot water. This can be a joint meditation, writing in a gratitude journal together, showing appreciation for your partner, or simply using this time to map out the three most important things to do that day. Your partner can help check these as an outsider who will know if you’re spreading yourself a little thin.

Week 3: Celery Juice For The Win

No morning ritual is complete without adding celery juice into the mix. On top of what you’ve already been doing as a couple, work a celery juice into your morning schedule. It’s as easy as putting a whole celery in the juicer, and taking turns with who makes it (in the same way you may have been doing for the lemon/lime juice).

Week 4: Movement Matters

Now with 21 days of momentum under your belt, it’s time to start adding on 20 minutes of exercise. This can be something that you do apart, or together, depending on what works for you as a pair. An online yoga class is a great option. You can also take a quick walk, or jog together. The endorphins will give you clarity for the day ahead, and make you feel better than you think.

Week 5: Introduce and Split Healthy Recipes

A month into the process, your healthy morning ritual will have hit solid ground by now. Week 5 is all about adding a fun recipe into the mix, and taking turns to try things out as a couple. Feel free to spice things up based on your partners preferences and favourite flavours. A protein smoothie is a good place to start. All you need to mix is one serving of protein powder, a cup of berries and a cup of water. Add a tablespoon of almond butter to top and sprinkle granola or other toppings.

At the end of these five weeks, you will both have some serious healthy morning ritual momentum. At this time, you can start to check in about other habits you both would like to explore and introduce during the morning mindfulness session. If you’d like to tackle something unknown together, or need a bit of extra advice, chat to me about a coaching session or two to lay the foundation for a sustainable health and wellbeing practice.